Amaze Everyone with Custom Designer Faux Plants

As nothing makes a place more beautiful than trees and plants, “Go Green” is the present trend. Whether it is used for interior or exterior decoration, greenery adds unique color and texture and makes the space amazingly beautiful. That is why greenery has become the prime consideration for most of the commercial place owners, architects, and designers. However, there is an inherent problem of using live plants. Majority of us are unintentional plant killers and for large commercial complexes, keeping the plants alive is real tough. For this reason, decorating with faux plants is the only solution to make your commercial setting stand out from the crowd.

Artificial plants and trees have immense power to make any place spectacular by adding aesthetically pleasant vibe. Nature always interacts with people and makes them relaxed by its charm. If you are going for an ultimate makeover of your corporate space, you should be choosy about the faux trees and plants. A plethora of faux landscaping items are available in the market, but getting top-shelf material from Commercial Silk can provide you complete satisfaction as it lasts for a very long time. Whether you are up for revamping commercial spaces like massive corporate houses, government offices & municipal buildings, urban shopping malls, luxury hotels & restaurants, exotic bars & casinos, amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, hospitals etc, Silk products work great.

World of Commercial Silk products

Maintenance is a serious issue with horticultural products, and that is why people back out from this idea. Commercial Silk Int’l has uniquely solved this problem by developing top quality artificial trees and plants. No matter, if you are looking to give a facelift to the existing commercial setting, or about to start a new landscaping project, Commercial Silk replicated greenery can deliver a look that will adorn your landscape for a super duper long time. It has a wide range of mimic decorative elements including artificial trees, plants, flowers, boxwood, topiaries, foliage, bark sheets, tree stumps, logs, decorative branches, bark sheets, tree stumps, logs, decorative branches, planters for fulfilling every decoration need.

Customization is also possible.

Every business has to stand out the competition, and for this, a beautiful exterior landscape is essential because your outdoor is the first meeting point with the customers, clients and visitors. Having a landscape that cut above others, helps to make a longlasting first impression that ultimately blows up the business. For achieving this, you need to think out of the box and have that implemented. Commercial Silk can take care of your special needs with exquisite landscaping solution that fits the requirements exactly, and deliver distinct look leaving the onlookers spellbound.

These are equally good for indoors and outdoors.

Commercial Silk products have endless possibilities. These are available in varieties for uplifting both indoors and outdoors and can be used for adorning entrance, walkways, lawns, porticos, balconies, outside windows for outdoor decoration. Artificial trees and plants can be used as a decorative piece at the reception desk, welcoming area, meeting room, etc for revamping the interior. Fake planters, bushes, topiaries, flowering plants, bonsai trees are also great decorating elements for revamping stairs, landings and to fill up void interior spaces. With their lush green appearance, these add charm to the commercial setting.

Creates illusion of live landscape

The artificial trees and plants mimic the nature on all fronts. These are made from premium quality colour pigment and plastic material using PermaLeaf & ThermaLeaf technology and are also made botanically correct. Coming in standard pots with natural wood stem, these deliver an illusion of live plants. Including these in the corporate landscape delivers a nice soothing effect for drawing people to your commercial setting.

Provides unique fire and UV protection

Silk foliage is manufactured following ThermaLeaf technology. In this process, special fire retardant chemical is impregnated into the foliage by injection molding to impart self-extinguishing property and such, the faux foliage does not help spread of fire. Moreover, use of the PermaLeaf technology makes the fake foliage inert to the harsh effect of the sunrays. As such, these never fade and can withstand all weather conditions making these suitable for both indoor and outdoor landscaping.

Add a nice twist

Using replicated foliage can add a nice twist to your commercial landscape. These are great treat to the eyes and maintain a nice balance. As these are unaffected by weather conditions, these make the landscape glowing with their lush green appearance.

Making fake plants less fake help

You can do many things for making a commercial setting spectacular. Making fake plants less fake is a great way for revamping the commercial indoors and outdoors. To do these, you can repot the artificial trees and plants in tubs for planting live plants using real dirt. This will knock people out. The commercial replicated botanical items are so lifelike that they beautifully blend with natural plants. You can also take advantage of this, and keep a few live plants around, for bringing in the most realistic effect.

You can also enjoy these added benefits
Including artificial trees and plants into the corporate landscape entails a unique combination of beauty and freshness. Other than energizing the employees and drawing visitors, these have following advantages:

• These do not need any soil preparation, watering or fertilizing,
• These are easy to maintain. You can keep these fresh by periodic cleaning.
• Coming in standard bases, these have unique flexibility and can be interchanged between places for making periodic changes in landscape design.
• These are weather independent and, therefore, retain the same cool appearance throughout the year.
• Being fake, these do not require any sunlight and, as such, can be placed in the darkest corner.
• These do not attract pests, making your guests free from insect attack.
• Can be kept in storage while not in use.
• These have a long life.
• A cost-effective option.
Breaking monotony of commercial space is quite challenging. Using artificial trees and plants for revamping, creates a positive vibe and lets you have a strikingly beautiful setting.

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