7 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Immunity

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As a parent, it always feels bad when your child is sick and cannot engage in any normal routine. It is always sad to see your playful kid stay all day indoors and even fail to attend classes. Some of the common diseases that affect most children due to low immunity include many cases of flu and cold. One question that is commonly asked by all parents is, ‘how can I protect my child from disease-causing agents?’ Well, the answer might seem hard to answer since children are always contacting germs in their careless playing moments. However, boosting your child’s immunity is the simple answer to this question. Regardless of the location, children are likely to be more exposed to viruses and bacteria which cause the diseases. Therefore, it is always wise for the parent to be on the lookout for the best ways in which to boost the child’s immunity. I have compiled for you seven ways in which you can increase your child’s immunity.

  1. Ensure your kid sleeps enough

Low quality sleep always translates to low immunity. When your child does not rest enough, he/she is vulnerable to the disease-causing agents. As a parent, it is always wise to create a good sleeping routine for your child to ensure that there is enough rest time. I understand the frustrations that a parent who does not have a sleep routine may face but worry not because setting one for your child is quite easy. The routine can be as easy as eating dinner, bathing, going to the bedroom, reading a short bedtime story, lights off, and sleeping. Eventually, your child will quickly get used to this pattern.

  1. Include vegetables and fruits to your diet

What your child eats dictates their health. As such, it is necessary to eat vegetables and fruits which are a sure way of boosting your child’s immunity. Fruits and vegetables contain carotenoids and vitamin C which serve as immunity boosters. The nutrients found in these meals are referred to as phytonutrients and boast of the capability to boost the white blood cells ability to fight viruses. Several studies show that phytonutrients can protect your child from chronic diseases such as heart diseases and cancer. Some children may be reluctant to eat vegetables and fruits frequently. You can make that easier by making them smoothies in blender thus making them consume the phytonutrients as liquids.

  1. Exercise

Frequent exercising increases the number of killer cells in both kids and adults. With the new era of technology, most children find it difficult to exercise because they are occupied playing video games and other indoor activities. As a parent, you may lack an ideal way to entice your child into exercising. However, the secret is simple, be a role model! It is recommendable to exercise as a family. Some of the activities you can all freely enjoy include bicycle riding, running, hiking, swimming, and even skating. You can choose what best suits your family.

  1. Breastfeed your baby as recommended by the pediatrician

A child’s health life can be easily initiated by feeding on colostrum. This is the breasts first milk after giving birth that contains antibodies from the mother which boosts the child’s immunity. In addition to antibodies, the milk also contains white blood cells from the mother. Among some of the infections that the milk safeguards your child from include pneumonia, diarrhea, allergies, and many more. Recent studies show that colostrum protects the kid from some forms of cancer in the future. Most pediatrics recommend breastfeeding your baby for a year.

  1. Take your child for checkups and don’t put any pressure on the pediatrician

When a child falls sick, the parent always rushes them to the hospital and often recommend the physician to prescribe an antibiotic for their child. In most cases, the infections are caused by viruses thus the antibiotics are less effective in treating them. Frequent intake of the antibiotics results in strains of bacteria that are resistant to most drugs. In the future, some of the uncomplicated infections turn out to be difficult to cure. It is wise to let the pediatrics do their work without pressuring them!

  1. Do not smoke near your child

Secondary smoking can cause the kids to inhale some toxins. A cigarette contains an average of 4,000 toxins. Secondary smoking leads to inhaling some of these toxins. Kids are more susceptible to inhaling these toxins because they breathe faster. They may face several health risks including poor development of the neurological system and even affect their intelligence. Have a read of our Parents and Vaping.

  1. Prevent the spread of disease-causing agents

There are many ways to prevent the spread of germs such as washing hands and brushing teeth. You can entice your child to wash hands by allowing him/her to choose soaps based on their color, scent, and shape of preference. Moreover, you should inform your child about the benefits of washing hands. By adhering to these seven ways, your kid will definitely lead a healthy life.

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