Who Needs Diggerland?

Like most little boys, Harrison and Alex love diggers. They watch endless YouTube videos, and get so excited when they see a digger. I know they’d love to go to Diggerland, but last Monday, Diggerland came to us!

Harrison hadn’t been very well the day before so we had kept him off nursery. He soon perked up when we opened the curtains and saw a huge JCB parked outside the house. They had come to dig up and re-lay the pavement outside our house.


As soon as we were all awake and dressed, we went and stood outside the front door to watch the proceedings. The boys absolutely loved watching the digger lift up big chunks of pavement and lift them onto the back of the lorry right outside our house. The workmen were brilliant – they came over and started talking to the boys and answered their million questions with plenty of patience.

They promised the boys a go in the digger once they’d finished. I didn’t think for one minute that they’d follow up on that, but true to their word they knocked on the door an hour or so later and asked if they wanted to sit in it.

They spent a good twenty minutes or so playing in the digger. The driver talked them through what all the different controls did – heaven for the two boys!





When Harrison spotted the hard hat in the cab, the workmen went and found another hat for Alex to wear and let them keep them!


For the rest of the day they played ‘digger men’ (and called each other ‘mate’!). We had to practically prise the hats off them at bedtime!


I’d love to mention the company by name and give the blokes credit for making two digger crazy little boys incredibly happy, but I’m sure they broke so many health and safety rules by doing it – I don’t want them to get into trouble!


2 thoughts on “Who Needs Diggerland?”

  1. Wow I can see how much they loved this! They will remember that day forever, what great memories. So kind of the men too!

  2. How cool! That was so nice of them. ..and clearly against the rules but never mind!
    How cute do they look with their hats!

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