Customised Leggings from Contrado | Review

As you may have seen in a few of my recent posts, I recently started running. The first few times I went out, I wore my normal, everyday black leggings. I think I spent more time and energy on yanking them up then I did actually running. The material just wasn’t right either -the thick cotton made me all sweaty and yucky.  I ordered a pair of running leggings from the internet, and whilst they were perfect, they were a little bit boring – black. I know they are ‘only’ for running or doing workouts at home, but I can still try and have a bit of colour and interest, right?

That is why I love these customised leggings from Contrado. Look at them – they are like mermaid leggings!

They are definitely not the most flattering item of clothing (and yes, I need to wear a longer top than the one in these photos!) – but as a size 20 girl, a pair of turquoise leggings probably is never going to be flattering – but they are fun, and more importantly, comfortable. Like, really, really comfortable.

I’ve used them once for running – I’m trying to shrug off my confidence issues around it, and what better way than wearing a pair of funky leggings? They probably aren’t the best ones for running, needing a couple of tugs here and there, but they aren’t actually manufactured as running leggings. However, they have been great for doing workouts at home because the material is lovely and stretchy. They’re also perfect for lounging about in!

Thanks to the customisation, you can have pretty much any design or picture you want. There’s a really simple design tool which I spent ages having fun with. I did settle on one of the example patterns in the end because I really liked the design. You have control over the length and material, the colour of the stitching and even a personalised label on the inside – of course, I went for my blog name!

They came super fast (a couple of days!) considering they are designed to your exact specification, which I was really impressed with. They’ve been worn and washed a few times, and they are still looking as good as the day I had them.

Not only do Contrado do custom leggings, they do a range of clothing and homewares which can be fully personalised. I’ve bookmarked the website for the future – I can see a lot of gifts in the future being ordered from there!

*I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own. 

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