5 Codes For Shopping The Absolute Shape-wear

Shapewear is a magical undergarment that’s designed to eliminate the appearance of unwanted bulges while shaping the body parts you want to look firmer. Shapewear can make you look slimmer and sleeker in all kinds of apparel – a casual dress, work clothes, or jeans and a T-shirt. 

Shapewear includes everything from figure-flattering knickers and leggings, to bodysuits and vests. You can also find shapewear technology used in jeans. If you’re looking for a way to hide your bodily imperfections and boost your confidence, shapewear can be a great helping hand. Here are 5 codes for shopping for slimming shapewear.

  1. Choose the style you’re most comfortable with

There is a bit of a stigma around shaping lingerie as it’s known to not be the sexiest style. However, undergarments are not the only clothes that can shape and sculpt you. Many clothing brands such as TechStyle have introduced sculpt-wear technology into everyday clothing like jeans and leggings. Therefore, you don’t have to sacrifice sexy lingerie to look slimmer. You only need to browse through some online fashion stores to find tons of shaping options.

  1. Wear the correct size

To get the most from the magic of shapewear, you need to wear the right size for you. A common mistake is to purchase a size too small. This results in bulges and ripples instead of a smooth line, and thus, is not very effective. 

  1. Check the fabric

If opting for undergarment shapewear, consider the fabric of your outer clothes. Cotton clothing may cling to a hosiery-style shaper so it’s best to opt for shapewear that’s made from a slicker fabric. Your safest bet is to go for a polyester/spandex blend. 

Also, bear in mind that clothing fabric such as silk and jersey are the hardest materials for hiding shapewear. If you’re wearing shaping underwear to a party, a silk dress may not be the smartest outfit choice. 

  1. Consider the color

Sculpting undergarments usually come in 3 choices of color – white, beige, or black. It’s worth noting that white should be avoided as in almost all cases, beige or black will look better. If you’re wearing a white top or dress, you might be swayed towards buying white shapers, but even in this case, beige looks better and remains more invisible under white.

  1. Test before wearing

This is super important because if done badly, shapewear can make an outfit look worse instead of better. One example of this is with a scooped-back dress. If you’re wearing it with sculpting briefs that come to just above the waist, there is the possibility that it will create back fat. Then, because of the open back dress design, this will be seen easily.

If you’re purchasing shapewear for the first time, this article will teach you the codes to pulling it off. Even if you’ve been wearing shaping garments for a while, you may not have considered all of these 5 factors before. Shapewear can be extremely beneficial once you know how to rock it. 

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