4 Tips for Adding Appeal to your Home this winter

Winter comes with weather conditions that make your outdoor space appear dull and unappealing. Falling leaves, snow-covered landscape, and outdoor furniture, are common winter-related scenarios (circumstances) that could degrade your curb appeal. Your job as a homeowner is to adopt counteractive measures to stop that from happening.

However, because some of the typical curb appeal tips don’t apply during winter, many homeowners struggle to perk up their outdoor space.  To help, we have provided four tips designed to make your home radiate through snow, rain, and sleet. 

1. Red trim or a Red Door

Winter is associated with falling snow, which may end up covering your rooftops, beautiful walkways, and some other outdoor features.  Amid a snow-covered landscape, nothing stands out quite like a bright, clear red.  So, paint your trim, front door (or both) in this bold hue, and your home will go from boring to eye-catching.

2. Invest in Appealing Mailbox

Outdoor elements like your landscape, patio, garden, pool, fence, and even mailbox contribute to your curb appeal. Thus, if you have a post mailbox that was in vogue in the 90s, you’ll have to change it to boost your home’s curb appeal during winter.

Replace old mailboxes with new outdoor mailboxes, such as those that come with sleek lines and a bright red hue. If your existing mailbox is dirty, clean it with household products like baking soda or vinegar and grad #3 steel wool.  Also, and most importantly, don’t forget to attach your house numbers right to the mailbox to make them easy to locate.

3. Painting

The Winter season is usually followed by conditions that make your outdoor space as dull as dishwater.  To ensure that your outdoor space stands out from your neighbor’s, consider calling in professional exterior house painters to adorn your exterior walls with fresh paint.  Doing this will not only make your house stand out, but it’ll also protect it from natural elements. 

Ensure you prioritize painting your exterior walls before or during the winter if your outdoor paint is faded or chipped.

4. Add Shiny Garden Ornaments

Your greenery may lose its glow and fade during the harsh winter months, but your ornaments will shine on.  Adorn your garden with ornaments that boast of a little sparkle, like silver orbs, for the best effect.  Other idea alternatives are:

  • Stainless steel hollow ball
  • FONMY stainless steel wind spinner
  • Metal butterflies
  • Solar light outdoor garden decoration

5. Lantern Post

During winter, perk up your outdoor area by decorating it with fancy hanging lanterns to create a charming atmosphere. If you don’t want to stress with wiring, go for the battery-operated alternative instead.  Whichever option you go for, ensure it is weather-resistant so it lasts long.

6. Driveway Lighting

If your home is far from the street, it may lack the influence of street lights, thereby making it less noticeable, especially during snowy nights.  To solve this problem, consider driveway lights.

Include a few driveway lights—where it is free from snow—to make your home visible and boost its Appeal.  These lights will also light up the paths to your home while preventing trips and falls.


The harsh winter season shouldn’t stop you from giving proper attention to your outdoor area. While you take the time to prepare your indoor space for the winter, ensure you do the same to your outdoor space. 

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