3 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Astrology Lovers

You may have noticed that the interest in New Age subjects and hobbies has grown rapidly in recent years, especially among the younger generations. Tarot, crystal energy, and more are being studied and embraced by countless individuals. However, among these topics, astrology has definitely become one of the most prominent.

Plenty of online designers have taken note of this trend and are producing plenty of astrological décor, accessories, and which is perfectly advantageous for those approaching the holiday season with a relentlessly Leo niece.

If you have a friend or relative who has taken to astrology, here are some gifts to consider for the holiday season:

  1. Astrology Phone Cases

It is plenty understandable for those intrigued by astrology to want to know the signs of those around them, so as to compare compatibility between them. “Are you also a fire sign? Are our signs in Mercury harmonious? What about our signs in Mars?” These are all good questions, and ones that astrology enthusiasts may often wonder.

That’s why with an iPhone case that matches your Zodiac Sign, individuals will be able to showcase their own sign on a day-to-day basis. Despite the level of subtlety or lack thereof in the chosen design, this will empower the user by feeling more in tune with themselves, since astrology is ultimately a matter of identity.

It can also be used as a talking point with others interested in astrology, as we bring our phones with us nearly everywhere nowadays, and can use our cases as sneaky conversation starters.

  1. Astrology Necklaces

As part of this belief, giving an astrology lover a special healing stone jewelry item like healing crystal rings or necklaces can be an excellent gift that brings positive energy to them. The gemstones used for this type of jewelry are chosen for their specific healing energies that help promote relaxation, improved sleep, enhanced communication, and greater self-confidence.

Necklaces are another way to show off your sign on a consistent basis, with a large range of design possibilities. Many necklaces come in various kinds of metal (often gold, silver, or rose gold), and can either say the name of your sign, display the constellation of your sign, display your sign’s symbol, or even render a more elaborate picture of the figure your sign’s constellation is based on.

This is a particularly enticing gift for lovers of jewellery, due to the fact that there are so many potential styles for absolutely anyone. Necklaces are also quite affordable and easy to come by, making them perfectly suitable for gift-giving.

  1. Astrology Mugs

Mugs have become a staple of kitchen supplies, partly for practical purposes and partly for aesthetic. While especially appealing to regular coffee or tea drinkers, mugs are favoured by many and typically very affordable while still enabling a lot of creativity for design.

Mugs with astrological designs have become easy to find as the subject has grown in popularity, but if you’re hoping to present a present that’s even more personal, consider designing one yourself. Between online sites and general crafting supplies, it’s worth remembering that simply trying to replicate a sign’s constellation or write the name of their sign in a cool font yourself can mean a lot.

Final Considerations

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your present! Maybe your friend is a Virgo sun who has remarked upon how they want to convey their free-spirited, Sagittarius rising side. Or perhaps they’re an Aquarius sun who wants to hone in on their romantic, Cancer in Venus side. The rules are what you make of them, and it never hurts to embrace the entirety of someone’s birth chart, as opposed to just the most well-known aspects.

And, if you’re ever in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask your friend or relative for their birth chart, a grid that displays the positions of the planets and houses at the time and location of their birth—most astrology enthusiasts would be more than happy to share it.

Ultimately, you have plenty of astrologically-donned options that will all be appreciated. When it comes to Christmas gifts, what’s important is putting thought and care into the presents you offer, and to do that is a blessing in and of itself.

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