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The second trimester of pregnancy is a mixed bag of emotions, physical changes and shopping. For most women, reaching this point means an end to all that morning sickness and weird cravings. For a lucky few, it means overwhelming happiness as you move out of the danger zone of early pregnancy. The reality that a baby will be here in just a few weeks kicks in, and the shopping can begin.

If you’ve not had children before, figuring out what you’ll need in the first few weeks after birth can be a challenge. You can buy nursery furniture online or at your local store. A cot isn’t usually needed until after about six weeks, so there is no need to panic about buying one this early. Baby will usually sleep in a Moses basket next to your bed so you can nurse through the night, without having to leave the room. A cot will take two people to put together, and it will be too heavy for you to carry upstairs when it is delivered.

Having a changing table is very helpful, especially in the first three weeks, because you will be sore from the birth. Standing or sitting instead of kneeling over a baby on the floor will be more comfortable. It will also provide you with more storage for all the nappies, creams, cotton wool and wipes. You will also need to buy a change mat separately, and having a second, foldable one for your change bag is very useful.

A change bag is an essential piece of kit from the moment you go into labour. Inside you should keep:

baby wipes,


three or four sets of clothes,

a sterilised bottle (if you’re not breastfeeding)

hand cleansing gel,

nappy sacks

and some antibacterial wipes.

You may also want to add a dummy or baby toy to keep little one amused while you are out and about. Some stores give these bags away for free, but you might be better off buying one that suits you and your needs.

At this stage of pregnancy there is no way to tell exactly what size your baby will be when he arrives, so buying newborn clothes is going to be tricky. Buy plenty of babywear from birth, but hold off buying small newborn outfits until she arrives. You are likely to be in the hospital long enough for you to order something online or nip to the store. The same goes for maternity bras. You won’t know if you will be engorged and enlarged until three days after birth. If you get something too small, you can cause damage to your breasts.

Lots of the items on your shopping list right now will be more about you coping with the third trimester, labour and the birth. You’ll need some maternity pads and breast pads. And you may want some disposable knickers for the first couple of days after birth. If you want a home birth, you need to start planning early if you would like a birthing pool. To help with the pains of early labour, you may want to invest in an exercise ball to help move your pelvis. Just remember, the last four to six weeks are the most uncomfortable so you won’t want to be out and about much or assembling furniture. Good luck!

One of the best ways to get advice and see all the best offers is to go to a baby show. Wherever you are, there’s bound to be one. There’s usually plenty of stalls to buy things from and expert to talk to – plus a whole room or arena full of people in the same boat as you!

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