Why is Your Dishwasher Dying And How Do You Stop It?

As one of the most convenient features of any kitchen, losing a dishwater can be nothing short of traumatic. Or at the very least, a real pain in the behind. But you don’t have to let it slip off into that sweet goodnight. There are some problems that you may very well be able to fix yourself. Here are some of the most common dishwasher faults that you can fix to restore the perfect family kitchen.

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Awful smells

One of the easiest problems to fix is that your dishwasher isn’t smelling as fresh as it used to. Of course, you can get products that can clean the dishwasher on an empty cycle. If that doesn’t work, then you should take out the filter, usually at the base. You’re supposed to clean this out once a week to stop the food particles from sitting in there, getting mouldy and nasty.

Not draining properly

If you find that your dishwasher isn’t draining fully of water and you open it up for a wet surprise, then the problem is likely to be with the aptly named drain pump. This can get blocked over time due to the buildup of food particulates, as well as hair. You can take apart the pump at the bottom of the machine, so be careful as you tilt the dishwasher back and have someone hold it for you.

Leaking water

Find a puddle spreading from the bottom of your dishwasher as you leave it on to do its thing? This can very well be a case of the aforementioned pump having a break in its seal, but it’s more often down to the door. The door might not be closing for one reason or another. The door hinges might be stuck and need a little grease or to be tightened to work properly, or you might need to replace the door seals that hold it closed.

Detergent not dipsensing

If your dishes are coming out still pretty dirty and you have a detergent drawer that’s full of mushy detergent gunk, then it’s likely because the detergent dispenser is broken. Each manufacturer uses different dispensers so you might need to look online for specifics such as Electrolux spare parts. However, usually, a replacement is going to be the key to getting this function working again.

When do you call a professional?

When should you leave it to the professionals? Rather than going straight to the manufacturers, relying on an appliance repair professional can be a little less expensive. If there’s any job that you don’t feel confident in fixing, or you need to work directly with the heating element or the plumbing of the machine, you might want to turn to a professional. It’s better to make sure that it’s done right than to try something you’re not confident with.

At some point, you may need to admit defeat, but it doesn’t mean letting your dishwasher go just yet. See if you can’t get in touch with a local appliance repair professional to check it first.

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