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The UK is a top travel destination; however, its main attraction hasn’t always been the food. Soggy fish and chips and stodgy roast dinners are usually associated with Great Britain. However, times are changing and the green land of the UK is moving from pub grub to fine dining. Here are the top foodie destinations in the UK that will get your mouth watering.


If you are coming to the UK to travel or on holiday, you cannot fully experience Britain until you have seen the red buses, classic telephone boxes and expressionless guards of Buckingham Palace. It’s a diverse, busy and ever-changing city, and the food matches.

Chiltern Firehouse is London’s most ‘talked about restaurant’ according to Vogue and once you dine there, you can see why. The restaurant takes a fresh approach to modern bistro cuisine. Located in Marylebone, it can be difficult to get a seat due to the popularity of the restaurant, so book early!

London is also the home to Borough Market. It has been trading around London Bridge for over 700 years and it offers the most delicious bread and cheeses, game and meat, fruits, vegetables and pan-global delicacies. With the ability to try as you walk around the authentic farmers market, you’ll be able to fill up your belly and your shopping bag at the same time.

If you’re up for new experiences, you have to try London’s Flesh & Buns. Their Asian-inspired dishes take on the traditional Japanese Izakaya. It is that latest offering from the Bone Daddies group and the Asian tapas combination of boozing and eating are bound to get your taste buds tweaking and toes tapping.


Brighton is now attracting tourist for more than its beaches. The seaside town has had a total foodie makeover and is now offering some gourmet gems. 64 Degrees opened in Brighton in 2013 and it has since been noticed and acclaimed enormous amounts of praise for the imaginative dishes. The menu is divided into four headings- fish, meat, vegetables and dessert, giving an assortment of technically exact and carefully collated dishes.

A more home-grown restaurant is The Coal Shed, which has also received great acclaim. The restaurant runs on a farm-to-fork process and the restaurant is organic, satisfying the soul as well as the stomach. Dining here will give you an authentic experience of Brighton and the history of the coastal town oozes from the beams. It also provides you with a great view to accompany the great food.


The ‘capital of the North’ is certainly a gem in the rough. Last year the culinary profile of the city was raised by a Channel 4 documentary called Restaurant Wars: The Battle for Manchester. Star of the programme was a restaurant called Manchester House and it broke culinary trends. With extraordinary menus and exquisite food, this is any foodie’s dream destination.

Mr Cooper’s House and Garden is another gourmet gem hidden within the bustle of Manchester. The restaurants’ motto is ‘Life is delicious’ and their food supports this. The options are fantastical and not your ordinary menu, so if you’re up for new tastes, new experiences and a whole lot of food, get yourself down to Mr Cooper’s.


The home of the ancient University of Oxford upholds its intelligence in its food also. This small part of the Cotswolds was traditionally a working town now holds a range of contemporary restaurants that attract locals and tourists to this historic town.

It’s the perfect location to find eateries that provide you with a classic British experience, minus the stodge. The traditional British pubs go above and beyond in producing traditional meals that taste authentic and delicious. The Feathers is set in a 17th-century Townhouse Hotel and provide a historic eating experience. The Crown Inn is another establishment that provides your meal in an open and airy dining room along with a wood fired oven.

These locations are the must-go-to destinations for any foodie. If you’re holidaying in true British style and staying in a caravan be sure to cook yourself comforting British meals while you’re not wining-and-dining in the Culinary establishments. That way you can experience the British culture to the full potential. Don’t forget the wellies and raincoats!

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  1. They all look really good, but in this country you can’t beat fish and chips from the seaside! lol

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