How to make money quickly – without turning to payday loans!

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Sometimes we need money and we need money QUICKLY. 9 times out of 10 it’s through no fault of our own as well. Maybe the car has broken down or you have a major plumbing issue in your house that needs fixing right away.

We normally would turn to our friends and family first to see if they could help us out but if they couldn’t what do we do then? The absolute last thing we want to do is have to use one of those awful payday loan companies and end up paying a LOT more back than we actually need.

Did you know there are a number of ways you can QUICKLY earn money to avoid having to do that?

Well, there are, and here’s 3 of them!

Smartphone Apps

There are a number of smartphone apps you can download that will pay you for going out and taking photographs but the big players are Task360, Roamler, BeMyEye and StreetSpotr. The tasks basically involve you going somewhere and taking a photo (maybe or a store display or a billboard)  or taking part in an interaction such as having to buy something (don’t worry any purchase is reimbursed!). These apps have been around for years and I’ve personally earned £1000s using them as have many other people. The tasks are very easy to do and just take a few minutes and typically pay £5-£10 each, sometimes more. Once you’ve taken the photos you just upload them via their app and get paid via PayPal. JOB DONE!!!


Risk-Free Matched Betting

One of the simplest ways you can make £1000s appear from literally nothing is with RISK-FREE Matched Betting and you only need around £50 to get started! 1000s of people earn money via this RISK-FREE method of taking advantage of all the endless offers bookies present you with such as ‘Bet £10 get a £20 free bet!’. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand sports or have never used a bookie website before as it involves is MATHS. Look for a company who uses high-quality bookie software

Evaluating Websites

Have you ever used a website and just hated something about the design. Maybe it was the colour scheme used or you just thought some of the usability choices were bonkers. Well, you can actually get PAID to literally voice your opinion on how a website works!

WhatUsersDo is one such company that will pay you £8-£15 for recording your views on a website via the mic on your laptop. You simply go a website they tell you and record your thoughts on the site. What looks goods, what works well and what could be improved? The WhatUsersDo website records what you are saying and what you are clicking on or looking at at the time of you saying it and then you get paid at the end. It’s a great way of earning some easy money each week as it only takes a few minutes to do and there are always new clients coming online (many of which you will have heard of!) wanting to hear what you think about their site.

How to make money quickly without turning to payday loans

17 thoughts on “How to make money quickly – without turning to payday loans!”

  1. I never knew about these ways to earn money. I like the idea of the app, such a simple and quick way to earn a few extra pennies.

  2. I really want to give matched betting a go but just don’t know where to start so will be taking a look at both sites (Katy and john) Some great tips here!

  3. I love these articles by Jon as I always discover something new. I love the idea of making money from the apps – seems so quick and simple.

    1. Hi, I have tried it & although it’s an easy way to get money, I can’t get my head around it either! I treat it like religion! I don’t understand that either but for me it seems to work so instead of trying to understand it, I just accept that it works and if you do that with matched betting then you can’t lose.

  4. What Users Do sounds like an intriguing way to make money. My mummy still prefers the old fashion ways of making money, like carboots and making things to sell. Good suggestions though x

  5. Much better and safer than pay day loans
    Need to read a bit more on matched betting -sounds great

  6. Wow great tips will have to tell my daughter of the smartphone apps she never has any money. Thanks.

  7. I have bookmarked this page to have a good read in the morning as I definitely need to make more money, my fiance can no longer work after suffering a massive heart attack a year ago, and now needing a transplant due to his heart failing at age 42, so I am now his full tkme carer, we miss the extra income, and stability xx

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