A Week on Instagram #9

It’s actually been a week since I last did an Instagram post…I’m actually keeping up with my own blogging schedule finally. It’s been a bit hit and miss over the past few weeks, but I *think* I’ve finally got back into it and got myself all organised again. Having a fresh new look and a blog name that I actually like and don’t cringe at probably helps!

It’s been a busy old week again, and I have to admit I’m now counting down the days until the summer holidays (7 more get-ups!). Not that it will be any calmer or quieter – three children aged five and under kind of put a stop to peaceful days, but at least there will be no rush in the mornings for a few weeks.

Here is the past week on Instagram!

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a tuff spot off Amazon. I’ve been after one for years for messy play and painting, but never had anywhere to store it. We’ve now got the utility room, so I finally got round to getting one, and it’s amazing. The kids have played with their cars in there. They’ve played with Lego and jigsaw puzzles in it, and I even braved the paint. It did necessitate a lunchtime shower for Ben and Alex, but at least the carpet stayed paint free!

I absolutely adore this photo of Alex in the garden. It was taken for our HiPP Explorers post, which you can read here, but I love Alex’s cheeky little grin in it.

I’ve been wanting to go back to blonde for months and months now, and last Friday, I finally did it. It took over two hours for the hairdresser to put all the foils in, but it was worth it because I absolutely love it!

This is the after photo!

I put a little post up on Instagram with my new Insta and Twitter handles on. A few times before, I’ve gone to try and find someone and haven’t been able to because they’ve changed names, so hopefully this has stopped too much confusion!

On Saturday night, Harrison asked me if I wanted a drink. He’s allowed to pour himself glasses of milk or squash now, so was expecting one of his plastic cups full. I loved the fact he brought it to me in a ‘mommy glass’!

On Sunday I went to a Birmingham bloggers event, which was hosted by Kirsty Leanne. It’s the second one I have been to that she has organised, and it was great. I really like the fact that it is a totally different set of bloggers to what I would usually be with at an event – it’s a mixture of lifestyle and beauty bloggers, with the odd parenting one like me thrown in. It was a nice chance to chat to people and find out about some brands. I particularly loved this subscription box, which I don’t think is on sale just yet but was really cute.

These were hanging from the ceiling at The Island Bar (where the blogger event was held). I thought they were so cute and colourful that I just couldn’t resist a quick Instagram snap!

This was just some of the stuff in the goody bag from the Birmingham blogger event – I literally couldn’t fit it all in the picture. I’ve tried some lovely stuff from it, and it has opened my eyes to lots of new brands and products.

I’m not very good when it comes to breakfast – I really struggle to find something that I emjoy eating but is healthy and will keep me filled up. This Moma porridge pot was in the blogger goody bag and it was really nice.

You may have seen from past posts that we are Bostik bloggers. Every month we receive a box of craft bits and a theme. I’ll be putting the post up in the next couple of days, but this cute little medal that Harrison is modelling was for our sports event themed post.

So, that’s our week on Instagram. How was yours?

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