Tiny Treasures Doll from Chad Valley

I’ve written before about how the boys all love playing with dolls, so you can imagine how excited they were when a Tiny Treasures doll from Chad Valley turned up last week for them to play with.

Tiny Treasures Doll from Chad Valley

The first thing that we loved about is how it was packaged. The cardboard box it came in doubled up a ‘car seat’, with proper straps. While the box won’t last forever, it’s pretty robust.

The doll, which has a hard head and a soft body is a good weight (2lbs 10oz) which makes it more realistic. It also is slightly scented, not all that unlike a freshly bathed baby smell. Unlike a lot of the dolls on the market at the moment, which are quite frankly terrifying, this is quite realistic and reminds me very much of the dolls I had as a young child, but with a lot more hair! It comes with a little birth certificate and a hospital bracelet. 

Ben has a bit of an obsession with undressing and redressing dolls, and I really liked that the doll had ‘proper’ baby clothes on – a little fabric nappy, vest and dungarees.

It’s been really cute watching the boys play with the doll, which they have named Jesus! They hold it just like you would a real baby and look after it, pushing it about in their pram.

Where to buy: Argos

RRP: £39.99

Just to let you know, we were sent the doll out free of charge to write about it. We weren’t asked to write a positive review – as always, we’ve been honest – and we weren’t paid any money for doing this.

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