Crafting Together

One thing we do a lot of together is crafts. Whether it’s giving the kids a box of bits and letting their imagination run riot, or sitting down and doing something a little bit more structured, they love it. The past couple of weeks Benjamin has really begun to show an interest in painting, scribbling and even attempting to stick bits of paper down. This week we have been doing lots of spring crafts.  Next weekend we will be making (or attempting to!) Easter baskets for the competition at school.



Living Arrows

5 thoughts on “Crafting Together”

  1. Lots of concentration going on there.

    N’s never that fussed on arts and crafts, but he will occasionally do it off his own back. Mostly he just wants to ‘write’

  2. Oh look at their serious crafting faces – that’s so cute! And nice quiet time too I bet 🙂 x x #livingarrows

  3. They all look so lost in the moment doing their crafts together. Crafting is something we should definitely do more of x

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