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Being a vegan in this world is tough. Sure, there are more products on store shelves than ever before, but it is hard to get the right stuff to make favourite treats. It is far easier if you were brought up a vegan, but if you have converted then the struggle can be real. There are ways you can get around it and ways you can seek to make the whole thing easier for yourself. Here are some top tips that can push to success and help stop you falling off the vegan bandwagon. Your values can only take you so far, temptation, money and opinion can get the better of anyone who isn’t in the right mindset.

Make Some Food From Scratch

Granted, it can be time consuming. But you can really get some nice food if you decide to make it yourself and that way you can be one hundred percent sure everything in it is natural and totally vegan. You can get the tips from the pros and get to work. You may even find a new passion in cooking. You can live with ease from vegan products, but sometimes if you want that special something it can be best to make it yourself.

Use Specialist Stores, Not Supermarkets

Supermarkets stock more vegan stuff than before, but it is expensive and their ranges are often quite bad. Your best bet is to aim for specialist vegan stores where they can provide a whole manner of vegan goods. All kinds of vegan foods are more expensive, which isn’t really fair. But when you are buying them off people who actually care about the same things you do then you can feel good about it because you are helping a good cause instead of funding people who are selling vegan goods purely for profit. You may even find some of these places are cheaper. If you like a certain product, then consider buying wholesale too, you get more for your money this way.

Don’t Put Yourself In Bad Situations

These are situations where you feel tempted to go back on your commitment. If your friends want to go to a restaurant make sure they sell vegan food. Otherwise you could be left with an appetising menu of things that is completely full of things you can’t eat. Beat the temptation, they will understand if you ask to go somewhere else because of the menu.

Respect Other Views

Vegans get an unfair bad rep, which is usually because some extreme activists are vegans. But, if you expect people to respect your views and decisions then do the same for them. Don’t condemn people for eating meat or cheese. The fact you aren’t eating it yourself speaks volumes. Everyone has the right to their own decision and shouldn’t feel pressured. Respect it. How would you feel if someone tried to force you to eat meat? If someone asks you, then fine go along with it. Just don’t be passive aggressive about it. Be happy you have made the right choice for you.

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