Tips To Become A Church Leader While Being True To Your Family

Leading the church is a massive responsibility, and it may overshadow your role as a family leader. But you can do justice to both roles and be a great church leader and family man. You only need the right mindset and approach to succeed in the goal. But most leaders find it a daunting challenge as they stretch themselves too much. In fact, the pressure and expectations may affect your sanity in the long run. However, you can follow these tips to succeed as a church leader while being true to your family.

Keep realistic expectations

Unrealistic expectations can be the worst thing to deal with. As a church leader, you must think maturely and be kind to yourself. Avoid doing too much and leave room for mistakes because you are as human as anyone else. Perfectionism can burden you, making it easy to give up on both roles. Remember not to over-commit and take things as they come. 

Look for work-life balance

Church leadership is a full-time job, like any other vocation. You must do your bit to achieve work-life balance to stay sane amid the pressure of disciple-making and parenting. Segregate your responsibilities, and set exclusive time for both. Mixing them is the last thing you should do because it entails the risk of failing in both roles. Being a good husband and father is as crucial as handling your church duties as a pro.

Invest in education

Investing in education makes you good at work, so you must consider it as a professional investment. Luckily, you need not go back to school to ramp up your work skills. You can enroll in formal disciple training to become a confident leader. Being comfortable in the role at the church makes you happier as a person. You are in a better place to give your best to yourself and your family. 

Seek help

Remember that you cannot do everything alone, and you should not even try doing it. Seek help from your partner because being a part of your life will make them happier. Your spouse can play a crucial role in keeping the family intact and ensuring that you do not compromise with the happiness of your kids. Do not hesitate to ask for help in the church because people do understand the challenges of handling church leadership and family together.

Do not skimp on self-care

The final piece of advice is not to skimp on self-care because you need it as much as anyone else. Following a self-care routine may sound challenging amid work responsibilities and family commitments. But small self-care measures can take you a long way. Commit to a regular work schedule, never miss meals, and make meditation a part of the day. Embrace a hobby and do things you enjoy. Take frequent breaks because they can be therapeutic. 

A church leader may have a hard time staying true to his family. But balancing both roles is about creativity and commitment. Follow these tips to give your best.

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