Christmas Wrapping

A few years ago, in that little-remembered life before kids, I loved wrapping Christmas presents. I would wait until I had everyone’s, and then sit down with a drink and the Christmas CD on (CD’s, remember them? Does anyone even listen to them anymore?!) and spend a happy few hours surrounded by paper and ribbons and bows. I’d spend ages making them absolutely perfect – neatly cut strips of tape, corners folded to perfection, classy coordinating wrapping paper and ribbons. It was one of my favourite moments of the Christmas countdown. I was always roped in to wrapping up presents by my brothers, my parents and my Nan – I even wrapped my own present the once!

These days I’m much more likely to be found with a 10 metre roll of garish paper covered in cartoon reindeer, ripping the tape into strips of varying lengths and going ‘oh well, it gets chucked straight into the bin’. During last years mammoth wrapping session, I realised I hadn’t cut enough paper to cover Harrison’s metal detector. I ended up using some of the leftover bits to bodge it up!

There are some beautiful ways to wrap presents if you have the time and the inclination. From homemade wrapping paper with the kids to using simple brown paper and ribbon. There are absolutely loads of ideas on Pinterest. I pin them all, but like most things on there, I’ve never actually got round to doing! We do love making our own pine cone wrapping paper though, and it’s a fun thing to do with the kids. In fact, I even bought a big roll of lining paper to do this again in the next few weeks with the kids.

However you wrap your presents, you want to make sure that they actually get to the recipient safely. I’ve been someone who has both sent and received parcels that have ended up damaged, and when someone has spent time and money choosing a special gift and wrapping it, it’s heartbreaking, so it is incredibly important to choose a parcel delivery service who are going to take care of your parcels.

I’d love to know how you wrap your presents, and your top tips for safely sending parcels – leave me a comment below!

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