Time for a career change? 4 reasons why you might want to be a lawyer

With so many of us stuck at home while we’re self-isolating and unable to get out to work, it’s a great time for reflection and a chance to really put things into perspective. One major question you may find yourself asking during this period is if it’s time to consider a career change.

Believe it or not, more and more people are considering a career in law. It’s a fast-paced, exciting role where no two days are the same. It also takes a lot of dedication, studying and commitment to become a lawyer. Which is another reason why so many people are being drawn to the role.

So, why else might you want to become a lawyer? Read on for 4 reasons why.

You can choose your field

Unlike many professions, law actually has many different fields of expertise. So, when you choose to pursue a career in the legal sector you can choose which avenue suits you best. 

  • Personal injury including medical malpractice and asbestos exposure lawyers – check out this firm of lawyers for more information.
  • Business law
  • Environmental law
  • Family law
  • Criminal law
  • Civil rights law
  • Entertainment law

You get to meet people

As a lawyer, you get to talk to people from all walks of life. You also get to be there for them during their most desperate and even darkest moments. Especially if you pursue criminal or personal injury law. People will approach you when they need information and reassurance. You may be able to work with families on custody or divorce cases, or you could be involved in trying to settle a multi-million dollar business deal. 

It’s intellectually challenging

Many people feel dissatisfied in their current role because it’s simply not challenging enough for them. When you take on the role of a lawyer, you’ll study for several years in the hope of passing law school and then taking the bar exam. But your learning doesn’t stop there. As laws, rules and regulations are always changing, you’ll have to keep on your toes to keep up with the latest legislation. 

The earning potential

Stuck on a low income? No one can deny that the salary of a lawyer is an enviable one. You’ll have to work hard for it, and your salary might be pretty modest, to begin with. But as you progress in your career and become more knowledgeable in your field, your earning potential will increase. 

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