Studio Photography: Benefits Of Capturing Family Memories In A Professional Setting

In this day and age, it is all too easy to only take pictures of our family and life on our phones.

While this is better than capturing no pictures at all, most pictures are lost in the mess of our camera rolls and never get looked at again.

Investing some time (and money) into a studio photography session is more than worthwhile. Professional photos last a lifetime, compared to selfies which last about five minutes!

When it comes to deciding where to go for your studio photography, don’t take the decision lightly.

Nousha are based in London and offer high-quality family and child photography. Instead of taking a traditional and relatively boring approach of asking your family to stand in formation and ‘say cheese’, Nousha take a fresh and relaxed stance. Their aim is to bring out each family and child’s individual character so that each shot is unique. If you know that your family will begrudge you for forcing them to do some studio photography, why not book in with Nousha? You know for sure that the whole family will end up having heaps of fun and will be much more willing to do photoshoots in the future!

Professional photographer skills

The first main benefit of investing in studio photography is the difference the professional photographers’ skills will make.

You might consider yourself to have a good eye where taking pictures is concerned. However, professional photographers will have extensive knowledge, experience and qualifications about how to capture photos in beautiful ways.

There is a lot more to taking photos than most people realise, but studio photography allows you to let the professionals do the work. They will make sure the lighting, background, proportions and more all look perfect. Your job is simply to keep the kids under control!

When it comes to keeping your kids under control though, modern family photographers like Nousha place less of an emphasis on this. They encourage you and your children to let your personalities shine through so the pictures are real, rather than stiff and unrepresentative of family life. If your family is hectic, silly but loving, book in for a studio photography session that allows you to showcase this.

Create lasting memories

Studio photography also allows the memories that are captured to last a lifetime. The pictures are not disposable like they are when quickly taken on a phone.

You will most likely leave a family studio photography session with a huge order of prints for all the family, grannies, grandpas, you name it. Make sure to order some for your own home too.

Research has shown that having family photographs around the home and especially in children’s bedrooms improved their self-esteem. Professional photos allow children to grow up understanding who they are as people and show them that they are a valued member of the family. Anything that can keep your child’s confidence as high as possible in a world so full of challenges and criticism is worth trying!


The final point is one that almost goes without saying, but family studio photography is generally a super fun activity for everyone to get involved in. Whether you’ve got a grumpy teenager, or a naughty toddler, once everyone’s settled into the studio environment, it is guaranteed that the experience will be enjoyed by all!

(All photos included taken by Nousha)

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