The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your First Baby Shower

So, your closest friend or family member is expecting a child, and you want to throw them a baby shower they will never forget. Planning a baby shower is exciting, and you probably can’t wait to decorate the venue with cute blue and pink deco unless you already know the gender of the child. However, things can go chaotically wrong without a robust plan in place. Well, we are here to help! This article will provide the ultimate guide to planning your first baby shower.

Draft your guest list 

First and foremost, you need to determine how many people you are willing to invite to the baby shower. The number of guests will determine the size of the venue and the overall budget. Be sure to consider the wishes of the mother-to-be when drafting your guest list. 

Come up with a budget 

It is vital to set an upper limit on the amount you are willing to spend on the party. You wouldn’t want to splurge too much on the deco such that you are unable to afford enough food. If you invite many people, you might consider scaling back on your expenses. 

Decide on a theme

A theme will help your party look cohesive and create some harmony. You could ask your guests to wear all white or dress up in either blue or pink, depending on the gender of the baby. Whatever theme you pick, ensure everyone on the guest list is on board with the idea. 

Select a convenient day and time 

Most baby showers are held when the mother-to-be is about seven months pregnant. This gives you ample time to select a date when almost everyone will be available. It would be a shame to plan an auspicious event for half the guests to cancel because they are held up.

Plan your menu

Your menu should cater to everyone who will be attending the party. Ask your guests whether they have specific food allergies so that you know what to exclude. Now, don’t forget refreshments such as club sodas, fresh juice and plenty of water. Ensure that your guests will have enough to eat!

Think of a fitting venue

Consider the time of the year and the number of guests when finding the perfect venue for your baby shower. Depending on your budget, you could opt to host it in your backyard or book a reservation at a hotel. Select a venue that is easily accessible to most of your guests. 

Plan for activities and entertainment

After you know where you want to host the party and feed your guests, it’s time to plan the schedule. Your baby shower timeline should include a list of icebreakers, fun games, and sessions where guests introduce themselves. Ensure that there is music playing in the background to set the mood for the party. It will spice up the celebrations. 

Decorate the venue 

Last but not least, you can’t have a baby shower without decorations. Consult the mother-to-be and get an idea of her preferences before you proceed. Ensure the colors are cohesive to prevent the venue from looking chaotic.

Final remarks

Before the baby shower, ascertain all critical items in your checklist are crossed out and pick up all the balloons and flowers. On the morning of the baby shower, clean up the venue, do the finishing touches on the décor and display the dishes on the tables. 

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