The Magic of the Mountains

It hasn’t been the best of weeks if I’m at all honest. My back started aching a little bit last week after I carried Benjamin on the school run, but on Monday evening, I got up to go to bed and could barely move. For two days, I was in absolute agony. Last year, I slipped a disc in my back and I think carrying Ben might have aggravated it again. It’s been pressing on my sciatic nerve, which made my leg feel all funny as well. I’ve dosed up on pain relief and tried to hobble about as much as possible, but it’s made me feel really miserable.

The Magic of the Mountains in North Wales

On Thursday, it started to ease. I still needed Graham to put my socks on for me and I still needed to pop super strong pain killers as often as I could, but I was able to walk a few steps without yelping. Harrison had film night after school, so we had a bit longer in between picking Alex up from nursery at 11.30am and picking him up. We decided to go out for a drive in the car so that I could get a bit of fresh air if nothing else.

We headed over to a little village nestled in the mountains of Snowdonia. We weren’t intending to go there but when we saw the tops of the mountains from the main road, covered in snow, we knew we had to go and look!

Magic Mountains

It was like driving into a completely different world. It was so, so quiet, and all around were huge craggy mountains, covered in snow. At the foot of the mountains was a forest, which from where we were standing looked like a carpet of orange and red, and a massive lake at the bottom. It was breathtakingly beautiful and magical. My photos do not do it justice one little bit.



There was a lovely little play area which the kids had a good hour playing in. It was freezing cold, but with views like this in the background, it was more than bearable!




We loved it that much there that we are going back over with Harrison this weekend. Now that my back is pretty much ok, we can really go and explore. There’s a waterfall behind the village which we are going to look for, as well as popping into the slate museum and the old quarry hospital to check out the old operating theatre!

Country Kids


30 thoughts on “The Magic of the Mountains”

  1. This brings back such fantastic memories. We lived the otherside of Snowdonia for 3 years but sadly had to move back to The Midlands due to GCSE’s and not being pushed to their full potential

  2. What a wonderful little discovery, I bet the kids loved getting to explore the park! Those views truly are magnificient, I bet it’s lovely and relaxing watching you kids play and taking in that scenery! I look forward to reading about your adventures searching for the waterfall.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  3. Such beautiful scenery and photos. Wishing you well with your back and glad you could at least get out and enjoy the outdoors. #countrykids

  4. What gorgeous views! Snowdonia is on my bucket list to visit and to climb Snowdon. Hope your back is feeling better now #CountryKids

  5. It sounds idyllic! I love anywhere with cool, really fresh air blowing the cobwebs away, especially if you are well wrapped up!

  6. Now that is a swing with a view – I am very jealous you saw snow…… hasn’t made it down south yet. Hope your back feels better soon

  7. I’m ashamed to say that even though I am Welsh and live in Wales, I have still never been to snowdonia. The pictures you have taken are fab. Enjoy finding the waterfall x

  8. Snowdonia in the snow looks breathtaking. I love it around there. We went to the slate museum and also took a little train journey around the lake too – a fantastic part of the world for kids.

  9. So beautiful! The snowy hills in the background are stunning. What a lovely spot for a play park. Definitely one to revisit! Hope your back is much better now x #countrykids

  10. Those views look amazing especially with the snow on the mountains, I can’t wait for us to get snow so we can go out and play with the kids in it

  11. What beautiful scenery, I would love to visit Wales and tour the mountain areas. I hope you back is on the mend, I know how painful it can be x

  12. Stunning scenery. As much as I love living in Norfolk it’s relatively flat and I sometimes wish we lived somewhere with mountains! Your photos are fabulous-it looks like a lovely trip out. Hope your back is ok now. Can totally sympathise about needing someone to put your socks on. I have hip dysplasia and my poor kids have to put mine on for me!! #countrykids

  13. Oh I love Snowdonia! We camped there in the summer and had a fab time! I think there’s something about mountains that helps give you some perspective on life – I think because they just carry on standing there through rain, snow, wind. Always constant. I’m glad you’re on the mend #TwinklyTuesday

  14. Oh wow this is so beautiful! I can’t believe it is this country – I missed that it was Snowdonia and for some reason had in my mind you were abroad. Stunning! I miss mountains! I hope you are feeling better. #CountryKids

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