How to Teach Your Kids Responsibility

It can be hard deciding how and when to give your children more responsibility. An important part of any child’s life, is starting to take account for their own actions and be responsible for their own decisions – from small choices such as which type of sandwiches they would like to take for lunch, to deciding to learn an instrument.

Yes, you might want your children to stay kids forever, but being supportive and putting them on the right path from an early age will ensure that your children grow up into grounded, loving adults. Deciding to get a pet for your household can be an excellent way to make your kids more responsible, teaching them a range of life skills while also caring for a new family member. Read on to find out how getting a pet a sure-fire way to teaching your kids responsibility.

Choosing the right pet for your household

Are you out at work all day? Do your children suffer from allergies? Do you have a garden? These are all questions you should ask yourself before you decide on which pet is right for your household. Cats are much more independent and don’t require as much exercise and attention as dogs, whereas taking a puppy home and getting your kids involved in all aspects of dog ownership, means they will quickly learn the importance of adhering to schedules.

Welcoming an animal into your home is a decision that should involve the entire family. Your kids should be made aware that it is their responsibility to go to puppy classes, help empty the litter tray and be sure to feed and bathe your new family member. Pets are for life – so your children need to understand that their new four-legged friend will grow with them.

Get your kids more involved

You’ve taken your pet home and things are going well. However, it’s now time for you to take your pet for their first check up. This is a great opportunity for you to take your kids along and get them more involved to understand what it takes to become a truly responsible pet owner. Your children need to understand that animals can get unwell too, and that keeping a healthy, happy pet takes more work than just feeding and walking. The Vet is a good place to start teaching your kids about how they need to be involved in your pet’s life, and that they sometimes need a little more than TLC to be kept healthy.


Remember pets, just like children, can be unpredictable at the best of times. From having an accident in the house to ingesting a favourite pair of slippers, or even the television remote, your pets will make mischief unless you keep an eye on them.  Accidents happen at the best of times, but it’s important that your children are involved in the training of your pet. By seeing first-hand how rules help to keep pets safe, your children will become more responsible to keep the training consistent; and who knows, they may even develop a greater understanding as to why rules are important for them too!


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