How to Surprise Your Loved One on Your Anniversary

Whether this is your first anniversary or one of many, it is always a great idea to surprise your loved one with someone kind, sentimental, and fun on your anniversary. Finding a great surprise anniversary gift is surprisingly easy- you just have to look at the type of people that your loved ones are and decide what they would like based on that. Do they prefer gifts or activities? Would they rather get something homemade and sentimental than a glitzy or expensive gift?

All these factors matter in planning the perfect surprise for your partner on your anniversary. Through knowing your partner, and with a little inspiration from us, you can plan the best anniversary ever. So, whether you are trying to plan a small surprise just to catch them off-guard, or have an anniversary that the two of you will remember fondly for the rest of your lives, this list of easy and fun ways to surprise your loved one on your anniversary will help you get some ideas for your next anniversary:

Plan an Impromptu Trip

This anniversary plan involves a little bit of conspiring, but you can do it! Get in contact with your loved one’s boss and get them a long weekend off work without them knowing. Then plan a weekend getaway that they will remember forever.

You don’t have to go far to be on vacation- even a “staycation” can be the perfect romantic getaway. All you have to do is plan a long weekend away from the distractions of everyday life- that means no kids, no work, and no chores (doesn’t that sound amazing?). Surprise your partner by packing a weekend bag for them and picking them up from work on Friday, not telling them where you’re going until you get there- they will love the amount of thought that you put into a weekend trip with them.

Have a Gift Custom-Made for Them

If your loved one isn’t much for weekend getaways, or you simply can’t get the time off work or away from the kids, no worries! There are still some great ways to surprise them for your anniversary. One of the best ways to surprise them is with a custom-made gift that you know they will love.

You know your partner and their taste, so picking out a gift that is specific to their tastes that reminds them of your love for each other shouldn’t be difficult. Start by thinking about the type of home decor that they love and expand from there. Try this list of unique wedding anniversary gift ideas for some inspiration if you’re feeling stuck on where to start.

Plan an Activity for You to Do Together

If you don’t have much time to take off work, and your partner isn’t much for gifts, then this is a great option for you both! Do you have a hobby that you loved when you were younger but have since strayed away from? Or have you been dying to try something, but haven’t been able to find the time? Your anniversary is the perfect chance to surprise your loved one with an activity that you guys would love to do together.

Websites like Groupon are great for finding discounted rates on activities that you and your partner may like to do together. Surprise them by booking the activity without them knowing, and then text them to meet you at the address on the day of, no questions asked. Doing an activity together- whether you’ve done it before or are trying it for the first time- is a great way to bond with one another while having a great time.


Your anniversary with your loved one is a momentous occasion that should be celebrated. It means that you have spent yet another year admiring and loving one another. Whether you do it big or keep is small, we hope that our list gave you some inspiration for your next anniversary.






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