Tips & Tricks To Care For Your Moissanite Engagement Ring

Like any other jewel, moissanite jewelry demands the same level of care and treatment. Moissanite is the second strongest gemstone on the planet, making it an excellent choice for an engagement or wedding ring stone that can be worn every day. 

Despite its invulnerability, your moissanite stone will require specific care during its lifetime. However, the best part is that moissanite engagement rings are pretty simple to maintain. Here is how:

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Take Off Before Shower: Water will not harm your moissanite stone on its own. Oil accumulation on your ring surface, on the other hand, can be caused by cleansing your hands often with soap, moisturizer, or shower gel constantly. Your stone will seem dull and filmy as a consequence. While you can get this off with a good cleaning, taking off your ring before bathing can help you avoid it altogether.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Solutions: Hand sanitizers with powerful chemicals might corrode the valuable metals in your jewelry over time. Your ring’s mounting may become discolored and fundamentally damaged due to extended exposure to toxins, and the studs that keep your moissanite stone in position may break loose. After cleansing your hands, remove your jewelry and clean your hands before reapplication it.

Take Off Before Bed: Unless you plan on wearing your moissanite wedding ring to bed, you should take it off before heading to bed to be safe. Though wearing your ring to bed isn’t inherently hazardous, you risk snagging it on your bedding, hair, or garments throughout the night. 

It’s possible that your jewelry prongs have been broken, and the gemstone in its setting is loosened. Please keep it in a secure location when you remove your rings, such as a band dish, fabric-lined jewelry box, or ring bag.

Do Not Exercise With Your Ring On: When determining whether or not to wear your moissanite engagement ring while exercising, take into account your personal preferences and the sort of exercise you’re doing. 

Because these activities entail physical contact, you seem more capable of damaging your engagement ring when you indulge in hobbies such as lifting weights or resistance training. Runs and cycles aren’t as harmful as other activities, and your ring will be safe if you take adequate care of it. 

Purchasing a moissanite wedding ring is a sensitive procedure that should be handled with care. If you are even somewhat concerned about destroying your engagement ring, take it off and put it somewhere secure until you are through exercising.

Store It Appropriately: Moissanite engagement rings must be stored in a safe, comfortable place while not in use. They may easily damage other jewels if not maintained correctly. Your moissanite ring should be kept in its original case or a fabric-lined container. A ring bag or a fabric-lined case would suffice if you didn’t locate the box.

Invest In Professional Cleaning: Get your moissanite ring professionally cleaned every year to eliminate the inevitable buildup of oils and dust on the surface. An expert may also inspect your ring to ensure there are really no loose stones and that the prongs are still intact. Your moissanite will regain its luster after a thorough cleaning!

Moissanite rings are valuable assets, so be sure you handle them. To keep your ring safe, avoid exposing it to potentially dangerous chemicals and practices that might harm the diamond.

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