Slow Cooker Orange Hot Chocolate

This indulgent and rich slow cooker orange hot chocolate is perfect for a cold winter’s day. Pop it on before you go out and come home to something warming, delicious and creamy – the kids loved coming home to it after school this week. It is great for family gatherings or school fairs (in more normal times!) or to have on all day so you can grab a top-up when you want to.

The slow cooker orange hot chocolate is easy to make but tastes incredible. You might want to avoid it if you are counting the calories – it is like a dessert in a glass, but believe me, it is more than worth it.

Slow Cooker Orange Hot Chocolate

It is easy to tweak too – you can change the orange chocolate for any flavour you prefer – we are going to try a mint one and a caramel one soon to see how they taste. You can also add any toppings you want – squirty cream, marshmallows, grated chocolate, sprinkles, even candy canes, but the core of the slow cooker orange chocolate remains the same.

Slow Cooker Orange Hot Chocolate


2 x large bars of orange chocolate (we used Aero)

One carton of double cream

3 pints of whole milk

6 heaped dessert spoons of hot chocolate mix (we love Galaxy)

Squirty cream

Mini marshmallows


Break up the bars of orange (or flavour of choice) chocolate and put into the slow cooker.

Add in the tub of cream and give it a good stir

Add in the hot chocolate powder and whole milk and give it another stir

Turn the slow cooker on high and leave it for around two hours, or until the chocolate has melted and it’s the right temperature. Use a hand whisk half way through cooking time.

Serve with lots of squirty cream and marshmallows!

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