Smart Packaging and its Impact to your Product

Giving your product the right packaging is important. To maintain product quality, it is important that your product is in the right packaging so that the freshness of the product will not be compromised. There are different types of product packaging that ranges from plastic bottles, custom stand up pouches, tin cans, and many others. The product will determine that packaging that it will need so to prevent unwanted external factors to affect the product quality, including product presentation.

There are a number of companies around the world which offer all kinds of promises saying that they sell at the cheapest price in the production of stand up pouches. This is because they are under the impression that this is the best way to attract customers. But, it should be noted that cheap price also means cheap materials. That’s why it is important that you associate yourself with a manufacturer which offers cost-effective packaging materials, because if not, then you are just wasting your money.

The fact that stand up pouches are made from plastic and is using large amounts of ink printing are some of the most common fears about stand up pouches because they may not be safe to be used as packaging material for food products. Another misconception that is being spread is that because stand up pouches are made from plastic, they are also not environment-friendly. Below is some discussion on how to stand up pouches impacts the products and as to which is true or not:

  • As to contaminants

Because stand up pouches are made from plastic and is using ink to place logos and other kinds of printing, this then is believed that stand up pouches are not safe to be used as packaging. These beliefs are held to be untrue. The custom stand up pouches are made from food grade materials thereby making it safe to be used as packaging for food and beverage products. These stand up pouches are approved by the Food and Drug Administration which means that these packaging materials are absolutely non-toxic. Therefore, you can be able to use stand up pouches to store the product in a long period of time.

  • As to the environmental impact

Because stand up pouches is made out plastic, this will make people think that stand up pouches are not safe for the environment. This is not true, because stand up pouches is of the greenest option as a packaging medium. They are more environment-friendly as compared to tin cans, plastic jars, glass bottles, and other several prevalent packaging materials.

First of all, these bags use fewer resources in order to be produced. The quantity of polymers and other kinds of plastic that is used in the manufacture of pouches is less than what is being used for the production of plastic bottles or other packaging materials. Then, the volume of pouches that can fit inside a truck is higher as compared to others. Thus, a lot of pouches can be transported in just a few numbers of trips thereby consuming lesser amounts of fuel and also lesser emission of carbon dioxide. Finally, these standup pouches are also landfilling friendly. There are more stand up pouches that can fit inside a landfill as compared to bottles, jars, and tin cans. Thus, this will lessen the need to dig more landfills thereby saving more lands.

  • As to Cost

Stand up pouches are not an expensive packaging material. As a matter of fact, they are one of the cheapest packaging material that is currently available. So, instead of further straining the capital of your business, they, in fact, reduce your financial burden.

By considering all of these points, we can say that stand up pouches have possibly one disadvantage, and that is, they are non-biodegradable. But, so are the plastic cans and bottles. So, when you compare them with cardboard boxes, these materials are made out of wood which comes from a tree, thus, stand up pouches are still probably the greenest option.

It is of equal importance that you choose a smart packaging to your products because every year, there are about 95% of new products which fail for the simple reason that most of the customers do not have the time or the energy to weigh on the advantages and disadvantages of the products that they put on their shopping carts. They tend to shortcut their decision and that is mostly based on your product’s packaging.

Product packaging is powerful because this will tell the consumers as to why your product and your brand are different compared to others. Take Apple, for example, they are known for its clean and minimalist type of packaging.

Getting to have great packaging is equally significant if you are one of the growing startups because it can have a direct impact on your sales and the overall appeal of the company. Having good packaging can continue to influence the company’s sales as they grow larger. There are companies wherein their sales slumped, and that is not because there was a change in the content of the product but, because it changed the packaging which consumers did not find the product appealing anymore.

All sorts of companies will want to maintain to be recognized, and that kind of power starts with a product’s packaging. So, how do you make your packaging stand out from the others? One thing is that you should know your demographic and not be afraid to go bold.

Another thing is, even if the packaging materials are cheap, you should still make it look chic and personalized. Having good packaging does not need to be expensive. It is important that you utilize the cost and still make the product look with a high-end feel to it.

You should be able to make the packaging as part of the consumer’s experience. And also, consider eco-friendly options. Even though the packaging material might not be biodegradable, they should at least be recyclable and reusable because these are also reasons why a consumer to choose your brand over other products.

Photo by Leone Venter on Unsplash

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