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There are so many essential oils available to buy, and for each one, there are multiple uses. From cleaning to health, they have so many almost magical properties. I asked a few bloggers about the different ways they use them!

  1. Cleaning – add a few drops to a spray bottle of water. Orange, grapefruit and lemon are the best ones to use for this.
  2. Stop flies and insects. A few drops of citronella or peppermint around doors and windows stops them coming in, or a few drops around where you are sitting if you’re outside. (Erica from Nine to Three Thirty)
  3. Pop a few drops of your favourite scented oil in a spray bottle and squirt it around the room to freshen it up.
  4. A few drops can liven up silk flowers or a bowl of potpourri.
  5. On a tissue, stuffed down the back of the radiator! Makes the house smell lovely (Hannah from Hi Baby Blog)
  6. Sinus relief by using menthol essential oils. I suffer from sinusitis so frequently use them. Drops on a tissue, inhalation via steam. It all works. (Jemma from Mayflower Blogs)
  7. In the bath!! Can’t beat them in there. Plus, mixing them makes me feel like I’m creating a potion or something! (Hayley from Devon Mama)
  8. I’m experimenting with a drop of wild orange oil on the palm of my hands to uplift and combat feelings of stress and sadness (Sara from Mind Your Mamma)
  9. Lavender oil is great when you put it on the radiators in winter. It relaxes you and helps you sleep better. (Kelly from Nature Mum Blog)
  10. We use peppermint oil sprinkled on the kids’ headrest to stop them feeling car sick! (Lauren from Scrapbook Blog)
  11. We use a bit of lemon essential oil on the inside of new toilet paper rolls to make the toilet smell nice. (Mel from Le Coin De Mel)
  12. Add a couple of drops to baking powder and sprinkle on the carpet. Leave it for a few minutes and then vacuum it up to remove any smells.
  13. For headaches, try rubbing some diluted peppermint on your temples, sinuses and neck.
  14. Diluted tea tree and lavender oil in a tub of water (just a few drops of oil) is fab for cloth wipes when changing your baby as a natural antibacterial alternative to baby wipes (Sarah from Arthur Wears).
  15. A few drops on a slightly damp flannel added to the dryer makes washing smell lovely!
  16. I use a drop of tea tree oil on the fabric insert of the laundry basket as it has antibacterial qualities (Jo from A Cup of Toast)
  17. Put them on bits of fabric and hang them/put them over or in vents of my car. Way better smell than a Magic Tree! (Franki from Wonderful Chaos)
  18. I use essential oils in our candle burners, just a few drops in the top with a little water and the smell is amazing. I put menthol in when we are all a little snotty through the winter! (Laura from Five Little Doves)
  19. To help soothe my son at night. He’s not particularly reliable in the sleep department so we put a few drops of chamomile/lavender by his pillow. I also use them to make washing smell lovely – a few drops in the tumble dryer works wonders. (Alice from Living With a Jude).

How do you use essential oil? I’d love you to leave your tips and uses in the comments box below!

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From health to cleaning, there are so many uses for essential oils. Here are 19 ways you can use them.

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  1. Live my essential oils
    Never thought to put on radiators will try this later in the season when the heating goes on

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