Roofing Installation Process

Putting a brand-new roof over your house is an enormous improvement, and one that comes with lots of queries. Throughout the whole roofing method, it is needed that the roof installation Southgate Michigan and the house owner stay in an open communication line. Below are some basics of the re-roofing method to ease your mind and answer queries.

Evaluation of the roofing

The first stop is to get the roof evaluated. Which is done by measuring it and by talking to the house owner regarding the materials they would like for their roofing. A variety of options are available in this regard including Asphalt shingles, composite shingles, wooden shingles and shakes, clay tiles, standing seam metal roofs or solar tiles etc. These materials have different life expectancy and durability.  Normally home owners chose them either on durability or on aesthetic basis. The type of the material selected also determines the price of the material.

Preparation of the roof

It must be ensured that while doing the roofing process, the house and the surrounding area and houses are protected. For that purpose, roof installers must lay tarps on the ground and plants to ensure that no damage is done to either to the property or the surroundings. While removing the old roofing, the debris must be kept from falling and should be collected and put in dumpsters with care. After the removal of old roofing, the roof should be inspected for any other issues, if there are any, they must be repaired or replaced before the installation of the new roofing.

Installation of the new roof

After the removal of old roofing, repairing and replacement of the needed area, the roof is ready for the new installation. Initially, a barrier is laid down as protection from rain and ice, especially in the areas where these are expected regularly. This is done to keep the roof dry and to avoid any hindrance in the installation of the new one. The next step is to install the starter strips on the eves. This is done with an adhesive which keeps the shingles strong and keep it from blown away in case of strong winds. Then the shingles are laid, and vents, ridge and soffits are installed for the protection of the attics from heat and moisture. In the end, the ridge cap shingles are installed to add up to the protection. It also gives the roofing a fine finished look.

After installation clean up

Make sure that after the installation of the new roofing, no mess is left behind. A careful clean up must be done in this regard. Debris must be raked, swept and cleaned from the location. A nail magnet must be used after cleaning of the debris to ensure no fallen nails are left behind, which can be harmful if left.

Last inspection after installation

After the installation is done and cleaning up of debris and other stuff, a last inspection is a must. This is for the satisfaction of both the installer and the house owner to ensure nothing is left undone or untidy. In case of anything left, it can and must be fixed in this last phase.


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