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Being self-employed and managing not only my own blog but blog posts and social media for clients means that I absolutely have to be on top of everything. Gone are the days when I could just knock out a blog post as and when I felt like it or had time. Now, every hour needs to be accounted for and that’s nigh-on impossible without some sort of diary or calendar. I’ve always loved diaries and planners, but a few months ago in an attempt to streamline the amount of crap I carry around in my handbag, I ditched notebooks and diaries and went paperless. I transferred everything onto Google calendar and it worked well for a few weeks. Then, my phone broke and I couldn’t fixed for a month.

Not being able to look at my schedule unless I was at home and had my laptop switched on was a nightmare. I found myself getting more and more disorganised and I knew I needed to go back to using a physical diary or planner. Luckily, just as I was looking to buy a boring cheap Academic diary to see me through until the New Year, TOAD Diaries got in touch and offered me one of their personalised diaries to review.

TOAD Diaries

TOAD Diaries offer a range of diaries, planners and notebooks which you can customise to your exact specifications. I wanted something that showed me a page a day and something that started mid-August.

You can also choose between hard back or spiral bound. I went for spiral bound as I find it easier to keep it open, but I’ve found that some of the back pages sometimes slip out – I think the diary might be just a little bit too heavy for the binding. It’s not a massive issue because they just need sliding back in, but in hindsight, hard back probably would have been better. I picked an A5 size diary, which is the perfect size for carrying about in my handbag. You can get bigger and smaller ones, and prices start at about £12.

TPAD Diaries

There are plenty of cover designs to choose from. I went for the pretty dandelion clocks one and had my blog name added to the front. It’s subtle, classy and professional. Theres a protective plastic front cover which is absolutely necessary because the actual paper cover of the diary is very thin and flimsy – in fact, the plastic covers could do with being just a tad thicker as they have bent a little.

The pages inside the diary itself are exactly what I need – plenty of space for dates, appointments, meetings, deadlines and notes, with useful notes pages and year planners. At the back there is a small plastic pocket for business or appointment cards, which is great, but I would like to see a bigger pocket to slip in loose papers.

TOAD Diaries

I do really love my diary from TOAD diaries, and already I’ve seen a huge improvement in my organisation. Whilst being paperless does have it’s place, for me, a physical diary will always be the way forward!

*I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own.

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