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This is something I am going to do every month this year – a little reflection on the previous month, and talk about five of the things that we, as a family, have really enjoyed. This might be days out, new things, films, books – whatever has taken our fancy!

December was obviously a lovely month, and it has been so hard to narrow it down to just five, but here goes….

Santa’s Steam Train Special

I will be writing about this in more detail very soon, but this was a magical day out for us. It was a ride on the steam train on the Severn Valley Railway, and meeting Santa Claus. The boys (and us!) absolutely loved going on the steam train, especially when it went past West Midlands Safari Park and we got a sneaky peek of the rhinos and elephants!


Harrison’s Nativity Play

Obviously, no photos of this one as I won’t put photos of other children on here. Everyone in the school has a part. Year two play the characters, and year one, reception and nursery all have their own songs to sing. Harrison’s year group sang ‘Away in a Manger’, and it was beautiful. It *may* have bought a tear to my eye! They perform it once at the local church and once at school. I was lucky enough to see it three times though – I helped with walking Harrison’s class down to the church for the dress rehearsal and for the first performance, and then with Graham and the boys for the performance at school. I was really pleased with Harrison – he quite often doesn’t join in with the singing and just stands there, but this time he joined in.

Salted Caramel Liquer

I’m not a big fan of Bailey’s or anything like that. I find it really sickly and I can only just about manage a tiny sip. This stuff however…wow! They were giving out samples in Tesco, and being a huge fan of salted caramel anything, I tried a bit – and immediately bought a bottle. Or three. Funnily enough, it was the drink that we left out for Santa this year. Pretty amazing that he has the same taste in drinks as me!


Mince Pies

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a mince pie or twelve. I’m quite fussy with my mince pies – I’ve made it my mission to try as many different ones as possible. The best ones? The ones that my mum makes. My dad even had a go at making some this year and they were pretty damn good. They may not be the most beautiful of mince pies, but they were lush!

 Parties & new outfits

Ok, so I am cheating here and combining two things. But I wore the new outfit to the party, so it totally counts. Each year (apart from last year, as it was on Benjamin’s due date!) I go to a big party with my family and friends. It is at a local hotel and is one of those three course carvery meals and disco type things. It’s always been something I look forward to, more so now that I don’t have work Christmas parties to go to. This year was probably one of the best ones ever, and I had a gorgeous outfit, which you can read about here to wear.

With my very handsome little brothers

So there are our favourite things from December – what were yours?


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12 thoughts on “Our Favourite Things – December

  1. I’m all over that salted caramel lliquer, its lush isn’t it. I even made a creme brûlée using it!

  2. My husband bought me a bought of chocolate liquor and I never really got to drink any as we were visiting extended family and then none of us were very well after boxing day so I forgot all about it until I read this 🙂

  3. Lovely December favourites! We went to visit Santa in a steam train too and the kids loved it… train and Santa together is just magical. The mince pie looks yum, I have not tried making homemade mince pies yet but it would be nice to try it at some point. Lovely post and gorgeous photo too! #OurFaveFive

  4. How coincidental that they were giving out samples the day you were there and you got a chance to try it.
    I would say the nativity would rank highly on my list as well.
    I agree home made mince pies are the best

  5. I love mine pies too and have had far too many of them over the Christmas period – ho hum! That steam train looks amazing and something my son would love and as so salted caramel liquer it’s probably a good thing I didn’t know that existed over Christmas ha ha 😉 thanks for linking up to #lovelythings

  6. My boys would have loved the Santa Steam Train – I think I will have to have look into this for this year. Salted Caramel Liquer sounds amazing too! My mince pies were not a success this year unfortunately as I made the pastry too thick…

    Thanks so much for linking up to #OurFaveFive! x

  7. Yay for mince pies yum!! 🙂 That salted caramel liquor sounds lovely, well have to try it

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