National Stationery Week 2018

I don’t go with many of the ‘National’ days and weeks – some of them are a bit daft and obscure, but National Stationery Week is one I can definitely get on board with. I’ve written before about my love of stationery – there is just something about new, pretty notebooks, planners, pens and post-it notes. I’ve always loved stationery, even as a young child. I loved being able to go to WH Smiths and choose a new folder and some paper to fill it with. When I was a student, I worked part-time at Staples, and that was like heaven!

I appear to have passed my love of stationery onto my children, especially Harrison. He is an absolute magpie for notebooks and post-it notes, and I find myself having to hide some of mine away so he doesn’t get his grubby little paws on them. Thankfully, there is plenty of stationery out there aimed at children, which I think is great. With the rise in technology, kids are writing less and less, so anything that encourages them and makes it fun is a winner in my eyes.

Smiggle is always popular with kids, and to be honest, I absolutely love their stuff as well. The boys absolutely love their hardback pencil cases, which they keep all their pens and pencils in. They’ve also been having lots of fun with the scented gel pens – and so have I! They took me right back to my high school days where glittery and pastel gel pens were life, and an essential to any teen pencil case! We are joining in with the decorating rocks craze in our area, and we’ve found that these work really well on the rocks.

Ben, meanwhile has been busy creating works of art with the coloured pencils – it’s lovely to see him starting to draw things that actually (well, sort of) look like what they’re meant to be. I think he might follow Harrison’s footsteps and be a little stationery hoarder as well.

Harrison especially loves the calculator, ruler and stapler. He’s got them all laid out very carefully on the desk in his bedroom, ready for his ‘important homework’ when he goes to Junior school in September!

Of course, they need something to write in with all those pens. Just like me, Harrison is a sucker for a cute notebook or three. These lined exercise books and adorable pocket notebooks from Noodoll are absolutely perfect for all sorts of notes and memoirs.

Next week is National Screen Free Week (another event I can totally get on board with!). I can see encouraging my children to stay off their tablets will be an easy deal with all these cute stationery bits!

*We were sent these products free of charge for the purpose of this post. All words and opinions are our own and have not been influenced in any way.

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  1. ONE of my favourite subjects
    Surprising how inspirational stationary van be

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