Minbie Bottle Review

When we found out that I was pregnant with Benjamin, we made the decision to give him formula rather than breastfeed him. There were a few reasons for this decision, which you can read about here, but the main one was because of how difficult it was to get Alex to take a bottle.

The teats on a regular baby bottle are a completely different shape to a nipple. Most mums won’t introduce a bottle before six weeks in case it causes nipple confusion, but after this point, a baby will often struggle to adapt to a bottle – a no win situation! This is where a Minbie bottle
is different.

Minbie Bottle

The shape of the teat is very different from a normal orthodontic one – very similar to a nipple. The teat is designed to support a newborns instinctive breastfeeding technique which makes it easier to combine breastfeeds and bottle feeds from the first day.

Minbie Bottle

Benjamin’s first two feeds were breastfeeds and then we moved onto bottles, with normal orthodontic teats. I was interested to see how he would get on with these very different teats.

We were sent one 6oz (180ml) bottle, which retails at £4.95. The bottle doesn’t come with any teats, just the seal and collar. My only criticism would be that this is the biggest bottle available. Benjamin is almost four months old now and is on the verge of moving onto 7oz bottles. Luckily, the Minbie teats do fit onto our Philips Avent bottles so we will still be able to use them. There is a 4oz bottle available, which for some reason is made out of glass (not sure about that one!). The 6oz one is made from BPA free plastic.

Minbie Bottle

The teats, which are in a pack of two teats with a pod that doubles up as a lid, cost £9.83. Not the cheapest of teats, but well worth it. They are available in premature, newborn and 3 months plus size.

Now, as I said, Ben has pretty much been bottle-fed since birth, but interestingly, his latch on these teats is completely different to to his latch on his normal teats. Instead of just having the tip of the teat’s ‘nipple’ in his mouth, he has his mouth opened around the whole teat – mimicking the latch of a breastfeed – the whole point of the specially designed teat!!


I really wish I’d discovered this range of teats and bottles when Alex was a baby – it would have kept our breastfeeding experience going whilst giving me a break!!

They are available to buy here.

*We were sent this product to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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8 thoughts on “Minbie Bottle Review”

  1. That is thr reason i chose nuk bottles with my daughter i combo fed for her first 3 mon then switched to bottles at that point

  2. it is so hard with all of the choices out there when it comes to bottles.

  3. There are so many bottles out there. But this one looks slightly better than others.

  4. Interesting. Something I don’t know much about, never realised there were bottles designed like this.

  5. I’m also thinking of mix feeding with the minbie bottle. Just to clarify and curious to know, you were able to the minbie teat directly onto the avent bottle and cap, or is it the minbie teat + cap onto avent bottle?

    And you did not experience any leakage or bloating problems with your baby?

    If so, I’m sold 🙂

  6. This bottle looks unique and quite cool! I’ll look into it and I might get it! 🙂

  7. This bottle looks unique and kind of cool! I’ll look into it and I might get it! 🙂

  8. Not heard of this make – sure my neice will be interested

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