Meal Planning Monday

We realised a couple of weeks ago that we had slipped into eating the same few meals over and over again, which was getting really boring. Last week, we added a couple of new things to the meal plan – potato, egg & asparagus salad, and leek and potato pie. I really enjoyed the salad, but Graham didn’t so we probably won’t bother again, but the leek and potato pie was a huge hit with everyone, so that will be on a meal plan again in the future. This week we are trying a couple of new dishes – I’ll let you know what we think!

Monday: Sweet and sour pork with egg noodles

Tuesday: Pie, mash and vegetables

Wednesday: Chilli and rice

Thursday:  Bacon Tortilla with Salad

Friday: Paprika chicken with wedges and veg

Saturday: Hungarian Pork Stew with rice

Sunday: Beef roast dinner


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