Meal Planning Monday

Well, last week was an absolute disaster. We stuck to it just once – for pulled pork! I hadn’t written it up and put it on the fridge which meant I kept forgetting to take stuff out of the freezer. We had rather a lot of cobbled together and random combinations. This week, the plan is up on the fridge and hopefully, we will stick to it better. On Friday, we are going to try and have a nice meal after the kids have gone to bed – we can’t go out for a meal without the kids so we will recreate it at home. The cottage pie and lasagne are easy meals because the mince bases are already prepared, cooked and in the freezer, so it’s just a case of putting them together.

Here is this week’s plan:

Meal Planning Monday

Monday: Fish fingers, chips and beans

Tuesday: Cottage pie and veg

Wednesday:  Lasagne

Thursday: Beef roast dinner

Friday: Steak, chips, onion rings & mushrooms with peppercorn sauce for adults, chicken nuggets and chips for kids

Saturday: Fajitas

Sunday: Butter chicken and rice

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