Making Your Own Cheese to Fit Your Healthy Lifestyle

It’s no surprise that eating healthy is popular: having a stronger immune system and feeling great is appealing to anyone. Besides, healthy foods like fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs have more intense and exciting flavor profiles. One secret that many people overlook is how healthy cheese made from scratch with your own cheese making equipment can be.

Health Benefits of Making Your Own Cheese

Is there a really a difference between making your own cheese and buying it from the store? Absolutely. With artisanal cheeses – homemade varieties – you know exactly what’s inside, and where it comes from. You decide what ingredients to use.

  • Non-GMO: Contact local farmers or specialty shops to get your hands on pure milk without any kind of residual growth hormones.
  • Organic: The flavor of milk and cheese from grass-fed cows is far superior to processed products.
  • Skim milk: Many cheese recipes are flexible when it comes to using skim milk instead of whole milk for low-fat versions.
  • Non-processed: Excessive pasteurizing destroys beneficial bacteria that gives cheese rich flavors and probiotic qualities.
  • Reduced salt: Making your own cheese means you decide how much salt to use.

Top Healthy Cheeses

There are tons of amazing cheeses that spice up salads and endless vegetarian offerings.

  • Feta: With only 6 grams of fat – but 4 grams of protein – per serving, feta is a perfect part of the renowned Mediterranean diet.
  • Ricotta: This is low-sodium cooking at its finest, topping wood-oven pizzas or filling spinach ravioli.
  • Chèvre: Another name for goat cheese, chèvre is soothing to lactose-intolerant stomachs. Feta and ricotta made with sheep’s milk have the same effect.
  • Mozzarella: With a low-calorie count, you don’t feel guilty about pulling on the creamy strings as a snack – or giving it to your kids.
  • Blue cheese: A little bit goes a long way for dynamite salads.

Feel Good Forever

Making your own cheese and eating healthy boosts your self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment. Homemade cheese is easy with basic tools like cheese cloth bags for mozzarella. Check out our huge arsenal of helpful tools and ingredients at The Cheesemaker and add to your culinary repertoire.

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