Let There Be Light

If you’ve looked through my blog and Instagram feed recently, you will see I’ve become really interested in photography. Long gone are the days where all my photos were blurry iPhone pics – now I use my DSLR camera (a Nikon D3300) for most of my photos. Photography is now a real passion of mine, and I’m spending hours every week teaching myself through Youtube and Pinterest.

Natural Lighting

Taking photos in natural light is, of course, my favourite and the best way. Nothing beats that natural glow from the sun, especially if you take photos in ‘the golden hour’. Living here in North Wales, we are blessed with some spectacular sunsets and sunrises and the beach makes the perfect backdrop for photos.

This photo was taken at Rhyl Harbour the night before Christmas Eve last year. It was one of the first photos I’d taken on my DSLR and it’s probably the best photo that I’ve ever taken. I am so proud of how it turned out. It might not be perfect to some professionals, but for someone who has self-taught themselves around kids and work, I’m pretty damn happy with it!

Artifical Lighting

It’s so much harder taking photos in artificial light. I’d always struggled with it with but my parents bought me a basic photography backdrop and lighting set for Christmas. I’m still learning how to position the lights but I can see a massive difference. I loved being able to take this photo – keeping it dark and moody but crystal clear. This was taken using one of my umbrella lights with a gold reflector, to give it a warmer feel. Again, it’s far from perfect, but I’m pretty chuffed with it!



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