Parent Tip – 5 Beach Essentials for Small Children

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You would be hard pressed to find a child that doesn’t look forward to a beach holiday, so it’s always great to tell them about the next one you have planned. However, as parents, we need to be extra careful in making sure that none of the essential items , such as baby swimwear, are forgotten in all the excitement. Just to ensure that you have everything covered, go through the following checklist that consists of must bring items when you are taking children with you to the beach.

Swimwear with UPF 50+ Protection

So, you went to the beach with your kids to enjoy a nice, warm day of summer after months of white, snowy winter and when you returned home, you discovered that your child has mild sunburn all over his/her back, although it was covered with swimwear. How did that happen? Well, the swimwear you chose for your child probably did not have UPF 50+ protection and as a result, the UV rays managed to damage your child’s skin, even through swimwear or beachwear. UV swimwear by Folpetto is all UPF 50+ certified and therefore, this will never be something that you will have to worry about with any of the children’s swimwear in their collections. Aside from that, Folpetto has quite a varied selection of children’s swimwear to choose from, making sure that your little one will be able to find something he/she will look forward to wearing the next time you head over to the beach.

Sunscreen with UPF 50 Protection

Now that you have made sure that your child’s costume will protect him/her against the sun, what about the rest of their skin? The exposed parts also need protection from the sun and therefore, don’t forget to bring your sunscreen with UPF 50 protection and apply it at regular intervals to protect them from the harmful UV rays that can cause some serious skin complications later on.


Not only do sunglasses make your children look cool, they protect their tender eyes as well, and ocular damage due to sun exposure is quite common both in the short and the long term. However, do make sure that the shades you buy for your children offer actual UV protection, rather than just being cheap plastic toys. Also, it is preferable to buy something with a rubber band grip so that the shades don’t fall off as your child jumps and runs around on the beach.

First Aid Kit

It is likely that the beach will have a medical station nearby for basic first aid, but not every beach in the world does, and it is just better to have plasters and an antiseptic ointment at hand to tend to small cuts and bruises, rather than having to look for them. Bring a small first-aid kit to the beach when you have children with you because as we all know, they do have a tendency to get themselves hurt quite unexpectedly and frequently!

Baby Powder

Nothing works better than baby powder to get sand off your skin, and should you forget to bring a bottle, it can be a real hassle. However, do make sure that your children are relatively dry before you apply the baby powder for this popular trick to be effective.

As a bonus tip, we would advise that you get a place as near to the lifeguard’s station as possible just to be safe. Other than that, these beach essentials and bit of alertness should keep you and your children quite happy for the entire day at the beach.

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