Simple Ways To Brighten Up Your Garden In Time For Summer

As the summer approaches, many of us are thinking about our gardens and all the fun things we can do in them when the weather is warmer. 

The recent pandemic led to a rush of demand for garden designers to create the perfect outdoor space for UK homeowners over the past few years, and our love of our gardens shows no sign of abating this year. 

If you can’t afford a garden designer, or you’ve already had your space landscaped and just want to rejuvenate it after the winter, then here are some simple ways you can brighten up your garden in time for the summer. 

Get Rid Of Unwanted Weeds

Weeds can be an unsightly addition to any garden, so make sure you’re proactive and start getting rid of them now. Some weeds might simply need to be dug up by the root, while others might be more difficult to eradicate.

Make sure to use the right tools and techniques when removing weeds. Using a short-handled weeder, grab the plant from its growing source and tug them straight up rather than at an angle. Angles can cause roots to break off, so up and out is the way to go. However, taking off their head may be your best bet if you can’t quite get their roots. 

To protect your hands, put on tear-resistant nitrile gloves. These will keep your fingernails clean. They also prevent soil and debris from coming into contact with your skin, while keeping your hands dry. Choose disposable ones to prevent infection because the soil has many bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause diseases. 

For example, moss can be a very pervasive weed. This small weed is particularly common in damp areas, such as lawns and on the top of ponds. If you notice moss in your garden, then explore the moss control solutions from ProGreen. These easy to use products will help you to get rid of moss and leave your garden looking picture perfect in time for you to use lawn care products from to get your lawn looking tip top so you can enjoy spending time outdoors. 

Reconsider The Layout To Make The Most Of Your Space

If your garden contains a lot of structures, such as sheds and outdoor seating, then you could consider rearranging it to make the most of your space. Just like a room in your home, the way you arrange your items outside can have a significant effect on how much time you spend in your garden and how comfortable you are. 

As well as the space and shape of your garden, it would help if you also considered where the sun shines throughout the day when you’re rearranging your garden. Some spots might be better for the sun, while others provide shade. Take the time to explore your options and think about what you want from your garden to ensure you design it to suit your lifestyle and requirements. 

Plant Flowers To Encourage Wildlife 

Everyone loves looking at a stunning bed filled with brightly coloured flowers, and they can be a great way to inject some life and colour into your outdoor space. Flowers are not only beautiful, but if you choose the right ones, then they can encourage wildlife, including birds, insects and even small mammals, to come to your garden. 

Find the best flowers for wildlife that will suit your soil PH and texture, then plant them during the optimal sowing months. You’ll then be able to enjoy sharing your garden with beautiful blooms and some of nature’s cutest critters. Encouraging insects and birds can also help you to improve the pollination of your garden and get more flowers, so it’s a good idea to encourage wildlife where you can. 

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