Baking, Boots and Beaches #LittleLoves

It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve joined in with this linky, which is crazy because it’s one of my favourites! I love the way it makes me reflect on the smaller things that have happened during the week.

This week has been a strange one because we have been trying to get into a new routine. Last week felt like a bit of a holiday – a new house, twice daily visits to the beach and no school. This week Harrison started school and we’ve had to find our feet here. It definitely feels like home now and we are over the moon with how Harrison has settled in at his new school.

So what have been this week’s Little Loves?


I haven’t done a lot of reading this week,to be honest, other than reading with the kids. I’ve been trying to play catch up on several weeks’ worth of blogging, so when we haven’t been out and about I’ve pretty much been glued to my laptop. Last week I read about 6 books though – the one benefit of having no internet or TV for a week!


The sound of the sea! There have been some really high tides this week (I can’t believe I actually know the times of tides now!!) and the sea has been quite choppy and wild at times. It’s been really lovely going to stand on the beach watching the waves and listening to them hitting the rocks. I don’t think there is any sound I love better than the sound of waves.



I am SUPER impressed with myself at the moment. Because I finally have a nice big kitchen and plenty of space, I’ve been cooking and baking lots, which I haven’t done for a long time. I’ve made spaghetti bolognese from scratch (instead of chucking in a jar), bara brith and some fairy cakes for Harrison’s lunchboxes. As I type this, I have a banana bread in the oven and cauliflower cooking for homemade cauliflower cheese for tea tonight. Nigella has nothing on me at the moment!



Boots! The weather has definitely taken on a more Autumnal feel this week and has got a lot colder. In fact, on our evening walks down to the beach I’ve even worn my proper winter coat! I do love that I can put on my fluffy socks and comfy boots now and all my pretty scarves are back out and being worn.

And lastly…

I still can’t believe that we are living here. I am literally waking up really early every morning with a big smile on my face feeling incredibly lucky to be where we are!


7 thoughts on “Baking, Boots and Beaches #LittleLoves”

  1. You absolutely can’t beat the boots and pretty scarf combo! I too love the sound of waves which I don’t hear enough. You’re very lucky to live by the sea but I’m sure you know that. Sounds like a lovely move you’ve made 🙂

  2. Glad you are loving home and getting cooking is the very best thing to do in a place you love. Sounds amazing hun. Definitely wearing lots of boots here too. It’s gone so cold out. Eek Autumn is here and winter on it’s way. Happy Weekend ahead lovely. #littleloves

  3. I live by the sea too – we are truly lucky! I’m hoping that when our extension is complete, and our new kitchen has been fitted I will do more cooking and baking! #LittleLoves

  4. Love baking and teaching my neices and nephews
    Must be lovely living by the sea

  5. Oh I am so with you, there is no better sound than the waves crashing onto the shore. I miss that sound so much and would love to live nearer to the sea one day.
    I need to dig out all my scarves and buy the girls some new hats and gloves, it’s really getting cold now isn’t it?
    Have a lovely week xx

  6. Oh Rach, this is so lovely to read, I’m so glad you finally get to live in the place you want to be. Living so close to the beach must be amazing – lucky kids! You really have been cooking lots haven’t you! You’ll be giving Zara and Stacey a run for their money soon 😉 xxx

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