How to Take Vacation Videos Using your Phone

Are you planning on a getaway? Whether you plan on visiting the Eiffel tower in Paris or the Grand Canyon National Park in the United States, you’ll likely want to capture the moment on the go. And while many people depend on their fancy cameras to take pictures and make videos, you don’t have to join the bandwagon. With your iPhone 13 pro, Pixel 6 Pro, or Galaxy S22 Ultra, you can do the trick.

Here are a few tips on how to use your smart device to take amazing vacation videos.

1.   Think about what you want the video to be

Before you begin videoing, think about what you want to add to your video. 

Do you want it to feature you and the indigenes of the area you visited? Or do you want it to feature animals and amazing scenery? Perhaps, you want the video to capture every inch of the fun-filled activities you and your family engage in.

Having a specific story to tell, no matter how simple, will help you determine what to shoot and what not to do. Plus, it’ll also help you shoot and edit only what is needed rather than wasting your time shooting videos that get deleted later.

The overall goal of the video is to tell a story, so don’t just film everything that catches your eye or all activities you engage in. Be intentional with what you film, ensuring that it matches the story you intend to tell.

2.   Set your phone up well

90% of all smartphones can take amazing videos. But before you conclude, you should check out the settings to ensure you are good to go. 

While adjusting the settings of your smartphone, ensure you set the resolution at full HD (1080p). This is a good place to start, as the 1080p is good and is not large enough to clog your phone’s storage too quickly.

Don’t like 1080p? Increase the resolution to 4K if possible. Or you can reduce it to 720p if you are using an older phone that lacks good editing capabilities. Whichever option you settle for, always ensure that you monitor your storage space, especially if you are away from home. You don’t want to fill up your storage space on the first day of your vacation only to have zero space to capture the remaining days of your trip.

3.   Ensure that your video clips are short and sweet

Even if you aren’t creating a vacation video for the general public, you should ensure that it’s engaging, short, and sweet. In essence, the video should be so top-notch that you’d want to watch it repeatedly. The same applies to whoever you decide to show the video too.

To keep your clip short, stick to 15-20 seconds in length. Of course, it may appear small. But when you watch it, you’d be surprised at how a 15-sec video clip seems like 2 minutes. If you are hiking through a beautiful path, consider shooting 20 sec of footage at 5- or 10-minutes intervals, or only at a certain landscape, rather than filming through the entire hike.

Furthermore, you may want to add good music to the video to match the moment. Is there music you feel is ideal for you? Add it. Is the music a YouTube video? You can leverage the YouTube to mp3 downloader app . The app helps you to convert your favorite YouTube video to Mp3.

4.   Steady your phone and edit all the way

When shooting your video, you want to ensure that your hands and the phone are stable. If you feel it’ll be too hard, turn on your phone’s stabilized video mode (if it has). If your phone lacks the mode, try a small tripod. After shooting, ensure you edit ruthlessly to ensure that your video comes out well.


You don’t need an expensive compact camera to take vacation videos. With a smartphone with a good camera, you can enjoy your vacation while taking videos that you are proud of. Ensure you edit your videos thoroughly to cut unnecessary scenes, thus making them shorter and more interesting. 

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