Project 365: Week 8

This week has been half term. We’ve had a couple of days out and about, but with the weather being a bit iffy, we’ve spent some time at home just playing with toys and watching films.

February 15th

day 46


Today we stayed in and did some art. We decorated some paper with paint, and then turned them into Chinese New Year lanterns!

February 16th

day 47

I’ve been trying to get a photo of Ben’s dimple for weeks – finally managed to get it!

February 17th

day 48

Today we met my nan in Solihull for a coffee, and as usual the boys were spoiled! Harrison’s school shoes were starting to fall apart so he had some new ones from Marks and Spencers, and they both wanted a bright yellow raincoat! This carousel has been in Mell Square ever since I can remember, and the boys usually end up having a go on it.

February 18th

day 49

It was a beautiful day today so we went for a walk into the Yew Tree, our local shopping area. Benjamin was starting to outgrow the carrycot on his pram, so this was his first outing in the actual seat. He seemed much happier, being slightly upright and able to see much more. We stopped off in one of the many charity shops, and the boys ended up with a new truck and some cars.

February 19th

day 50

Today we went to the Thinktank Science Museum in Birmingham.It was a vile day – really wet and miserable, and the museum was so busy we could barely see anything, but it got us out of the house for a couple of hours. I love Harrison’s face in this picture!

February 20th

day 51

Today we popped to Costa’s for a coffee with my mum and her friend. Harrison was sent a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans from House of Fraser to review (coming soon!), and when I looked at this photo of him modelling them like a moody teenager, I couldn’t believe how grown up he looked!

February 21st

day 52


One of Harrison’s favourite games is ‘Policey men’. He chases Alex or Daddy room around the room and arrests them!

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