How to Make Time for Self-Development as a Stay at Home Mom

Self-development is difficult enough to focus on as an adult with your career and other obligations getting in the way. It can be even more difficult for stay at home mothers raising children. It can be really simple to earn a few extra quid here and there by doing online games that payout real money, but sometimes, you want a career as well.

You should never have to feel hopeless about your own future or put yourself second when there are so many opportunities out there to learn and grow in your career, your skills, and yourself!

Growing as a person and as a professional benefit both you and your children. For one, it can help you land a higher-paying career to support your family. But more importantly, your children will have a more positive role model to look up to.

Below, we’ve compiled some of the most efficient ways to continue developing your skills and your resume while maintaining your daily duties as a stay at home parent.

  1. Online Educational Enrichment Opportunities

The time-honored trope of the stay at home mom attending night school classes to learn a new skill is far past its expiration date. The easiest way to learn without having to waste time and money commuting is with an online education. The Masterclass offering is a favorite, but many wonder if the cost is worth it.

Masterclass offers classes via video instruction by professionals (often famous ones!) in the field. Novelists, actors, photographers, and even investigative journalists are available for a variety of different focuses. In addition to video lessons, users also have access to course notes and discussion boards to talk with other students. This is a great place to really set the learning in motion and speak with other individuals who are prioritizing their learning and development in their busy lives.

You can check out a review of Masterclass to see if it is the right fit for you. There are myriad opportunities available to individuals who are busy to be able to enrich their skillset and education with new information and practices, especially now in the digital age.

  1. It’s All About the Audio

One of the biggest trends in the last few years when it comes to self-improvement and development is the advent of the audiobook. Getting through those classic novels or reading up on the latest tell-all biography can be as easy as plugging in a pair of headphones while you cook dinner or plugging an aux cord into the car while you run errands.

While sitting down with a good book can be comfortable, it’s not the only way to take in all the wonderful things you can learn from books. Audiobooks are the perfect tool for the busy mom.

In addition to this, podcasts have experienced a huge rise in popularity in recent years. There are podcasts for pretty much everything you could imagine, from comedy and entertainment to financial planning and how to build a business from the ground up. Rather than sifting through textbooks or night school classes, listen to the industry’s top CEO’s and financial analysts, or experts in virtually any field, spill their secrets in these intriguing, and mostly free, podcasts.

3. Get Creative

There are careers and skill-building activities that can be completed from the comfort of your home in the few minutes of time you may have between errands and watching your child.

Sparing an hour or two every few weeks is enough to begin building a blog or a novel, and you can even make some extra cash from advertisers and affiliates if your blog becomes successful.

While later on, the task requires more work and deadlines, starting out to get a feel for things means you can write on your own timeline, and relax by getting your creative juices flowing and taking ample breaks when you feel that you need them. Whether you take time away from your venture by playing a quick game of solitaire to engage your brainpower, taking a walk outside to get a breath of fresh air, or running a bath to really switch off, a moment away can ample increase your future productivity.

Beyond this, also be sure to use tools to simplify the process. For example, there are tools and resources online for free that are incredibly helpful in outlining and assisting with beginning writing a novel and following through until it’s finished.

Your career and your education don’t have to wait until your child is grown! Thanks to the greater accessibility these online tools offer, you can focus on self-development and your family at the same time.

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