Adriene Mishler’s Favourite Yoga Mats

Even before the recent global coronavirus pandemic kept us all at home, people were flocking to Yoga with Adrienne, a series of yoga videos that could be followed by everyone from complete beginners to those with some mobility issues to experts looking to feel the burn of well-exercised muscles.

Who is Adrienne?

Adrienne Mischler was born into a creative family and began to follow family tradition by working as an actress, voice-over artist and television presenter. However, upon discovering the practice of yoga, Mischler knew she had found her passion, and quickly qualified as a yoga instructor with the expressed aim of allowing everyone to ‘have the experience of yoga’.

Success Ensued!

Starting in 2012, Yoga with Adrienne, available on YouTube, soon grew in popularity, with Adrienne’s warm and friendly style quickly endearing her to millions of viewers, many of whom quickly became subscribers and enthusiastic practitioners! Her videos range from hour-long cardio workouts, to gentle beginner classes, to relaxation sessions designed to aid sleep and rest. This means that almost anyone who wants to try out yoga can not only do so, but they can find a session that suits their needs, whether it is a brisk fifteen-minute energising workout or a soothing half-hour relaxation that they are looking for!

Which Mats Does Adrienne Like?

Having been a practitioner for so long, Adrienne has a number of suppliers whose products she favours. The three companies that produce her favourite mats are:

  • Gaiam – pronounced guy-um, Gaiam have been creating high-quality yoga products for many years, having initially been incorporated as a recycled paper retailer. This interest in sustainability is a core concept for the company, and has remained in place, even as they branched out into yoga equipment and the mindfulness/ wellness industries in the late 1990s.
  • Jade Yoga – incorporated in 2000, but following over one hundred years of oriental tradition, Jade Yoga was set up to circumvent a rather serious problem with the yoga mats that were currently on the market – they were slippery! This caused issues for users, especially practitioners of the more vigorous forms of yoga in which movements are energetic and rely on having a stable – even slightly tacky – mat upon which to work. Jade Yoga prides itself on produce all natural rubber mats that are sustainably produced and durable.
  • Manduka – one of the avowed leaders in yoga equipment uses a variety of eco-friendly materials to produce yoga mats of all types, using non-Amazonian rubber amongst other materials that offer superior comfort and durability. While they can be on the higher end of the pricing scale a Manduka pro yoga mat will last a lifetime – literally: the company offers a lifetime guarantee on some of their mats.

One thing that is clear from these three companies: Adrienne values sustainability and cares for the environment – as much as she cares for her body, mind and soul. If you are keen to try your hand at yoga, you could do worse than to be guided by Adrienne, in your choice of yoga mats as in everything else!

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