How To Do Glamping The Right Way

We all used to love camping as children – and who wouldn’t? Getting to experience the great outdoors and roasting marshmallows over an open fire is a match made in heaven. Even as a grown-up you still probably love all those things.

What you might not be so keen on, though, is the idea of slumming it in the miserable weather and trekking across muddy ground. Some people call that ‘the authentic camping experience’. Me? I think you can do better.

If your kids are desperate to go on a camping trip, then why don’t you look into an authentic glamping experience – that’s glamorous camping for those of us too old to be with the new lingo the kids are using. Here are some top tips for making a truly fabulous glamping experience for you, your friends and family!

Pick the perfect spot

All that time spent watching Location, Location, Location has given us an acute sense of just how important where you are situated is to us – so you better keep this in mind when planning your glamping trip location.

It’s crucial that your spot isn’t located smack-bang in the middle of nowhere. Keeping it close to beaches or forests leaves you plenty of room for activities – even more so if you can find yourself a zoo or a water park within spitting distance!  

Don’t slum it in a tiny tent

The worst thing about your traditional camping trips is squeezing into a cramped tent that is always half the size it promises to be. Four-man tent? We can barely fit two of us in there! Why not treat everyone to an experience in a massive wigwam tent? Your whole family will be thanking you when everyone has their own space to sleep in rather than stacked on top of each other!

Impress with your meal prep

Nothing says terrible camping trip like some sad, squashed butties and a warmed-up tin of beans of a disposable BBQ. Yeah, you might not have the best kitchen utilities to work with while you’re there, so why not do a bit of cheeky meal prep before you go so everyone isn’t tucking into the same awful food every night!

Nice salads and a well-seasoned steak for the BBQ for the adults and some kid-favourites for the young’uns will make all the difference in keeping everyone happy. Roasting marshmallows over an open fire is also obviously a camping must – go the extra mile by making toasted s’mores and your kids will love you all the more for it!

Plan for every eventuality

Nothing says I regret my life choices like packing sunny weather and spending the next weekend getting rained on and walking around your campsite in damp clothes with a face like thunder. We all know what the British weather can be like so make sure you have an outfit that can accommodate any mood the weather might happen to be in that day. Maybe even snow boots, because who knows…  

If you have any of your own suggestions for how to make the perfect glamping trip then feel free to comment below!

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  1. We have been looking into Glamping in Wales next summer, so appreciate the tips you have given here

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