How To Buy The Best Mobility Scooter For Your Needs

Finding the perfect mobility scooter isn’t as easy as it sounds.  There are hundreds of different models to choose between, and what is best for you may not be the best choice for someone else.  In this article, we’re going to provide you with some information that will help you understand what to look for. If in doubt, don’t be afraid to speak to your doctor or occupational therapist and ask for their advice.

Handicap Scooters for the Pavement

If you live in a built-up area and will mostly be using your mobility scooter for shopping and other trips on pavements, you will want to look into purchasing a Class 2 scooter.  These are lighter, smaller and cheaper than those designed for use on the road. The average speed of a Class 2 scooter is 4mph, and while there are some mobility scooters that can go faster than this, it is best to find out the legal limit on pavements in your state.

Folding Scooters

Also known as trunk scooters, folding scooters are another lightweight model that is designed to be folded and transported in the trunk of your car.  If you are still able to drive, perhaps to visit family or to visit a local town center, these are ideal as they can be folded into a compact shape. Despite being foldable, however, these scooters are still quite heavy to lift, so do keep this in mind.  You may need to invest in a hoist or ramp for your car if you do not have anyone who will be regularly traveling with you that can lift the scooter for you.

Dismantled Scooters

Another option for those who like to travel is dismantled scooters.  These can also fit into the trunk of a car, yet rather than folding into a compact shape, they can be dismantled for easy lifting.  Dismantled scooters can usually be broken down into four or five separate sections, and because they are more robust, they can generally be ridden on the road as well.  The time it takes to reassemble them, however, can be inconvenient, so you will want to keep this in mind.

Scooters for the Road

If you plan on driving large distances, you will want to look into Class 3 medical scooters.  These are designed to be used on the roads, and because of this, they are heavier, more robust and can reach higher speeds.  They also have indicators and lights. Road scooter users should expect to follow the same driving guidelines and cyclists, and it is wise to make yourself as visible as possible on the roads.  It is also a good idea to check with the DMV in your state about any specific requirements before purchasing a roadworthy scooter.

Choosing the best mobility scooter for your needs will depend on your lifestyle and what you require the scooter for.  Make sure to research your options or seek further advice if required.

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