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Buying clothes for boys can be tough. The shops are full of lovely stuff for girls, but there never seems to be quite as good a variety for boys. When got in touch and asked us if we wanted to review their new kid’s fashion range, I knew it was an opportunity we couldn’t say no to.

Boohoo Kids Clothing Review is definitely a brand I have heard of, although I’ve never personally ordered anything from there before, so I was interested to see what sort of things they would have on their website. The Boohoo Kids range is aimed at boys and girls aged 5 -12, which was perfect for us. Alex might only be 4, but he is tall and quite often fits into 5-6 clothes. Harrison is a lanky 5-year-old, in 7-8 clothes. I was really hoping that we could find something cool for both of them.

The first thing I noticed was how reasonable the prices were, with t-shirts starting at just £4. At those sort of prices, we would be able to afford to kit them both out! However, I was a little disappointed to see how limited the range was. There were, at the time of ordering, plenty of Halloween t-shirts, but very little else. If we had wanted trousers, we only had the option of a pair of sweatpants or a pair of acid wash skinny jeans, neither of which we liked.  I’m guessing that it was because the kids range had only just been launched.

In the end. we settled on a skull print t-shirt and printed sweat top in age 5-6 for Alex, and a sweatshirt in 7-8 for Harrison. All three items came to less than £30, which I thought was really good.


Now, the first problem we had with the items were the sizing. We expected the items for Alex to be on the big side – after all, he is only 4. That would have been fine, had it been consistent. The t-shirt came up really tiny. It literally just about fitted him. The sweat top, on the other hand, was enormous and fitted Harrison who is usually in 7-8 tops. Because we have three boys who will pass clothes down to the next one, it wasn’t a huge issue, but the inconsistency in the sizing is definitely something to bear in mind. The sweatshirt fitted ok. However, the bit of the sleeves where you put your hands through and the neck hole were ridiculously tiny. Harrison can’t get it on and off without someone to help him, and even then it is a struggle. However, once he manages to get it on, it looks great.


Because of the really low prices, I wasn’t expecting fantastic quality, but sizing issues aside, I was quite pleased with the quality of the sweatshirt and sweat top. They washed and dried well, and after a few wears still look alright. The skull print t-shirt is a different matter. It shrunk even more in the first wash and went all shapeless, even after washing it at a low temperature and drying outside. It’s a weird sort of silky material and doesn’t feel very nice to touch.


Would I buy from Boohoo again for the kids? Probably not to be honest. Although I liked some of the items, the inconsistency of the sizes and lack of choice would put me off ordering. I think I would rather spend that little bit more and get clothes that I know will fit and are better quality overall.

*We were given £30 credit to spend on the website. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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