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On Thursday I will be 34 weeks pregnant. I’ve normally had my hospital bags packed well before this point before but with everything going on it moving house I’ve only just got round to it. I’ve had stuff put to one side for it for a while, but today finally put it together.


So, what’s in it?


Nightie – this, assuming I don’t have a water birth, is what I will wear to give birth in. It was only cheap from Peacocks and I bought it (and gave birth in) for my hospital bag with Harrison. I haven’t actually thought about what I will wear if I do get water birth (third time lucky?!) – probably some sort of vest top!

TENS Machine – this is being sent to me at 37 weeks from Mama Tens. I am hoping for a water birth but hoping that this, combined with gas and air will see me through if not! This gets delivered when I hit 37 weeks, and I keep it for two weeks past my due date, before posting it back. If I go over due and need it longer I just need to let them know and it gets extended.

Underwear – I’ve packed some really sexy (ahem!) big cheap cotton granny knickers for afterwards. There’s a good chance they will get ruined so I can just chuck them then. Lots of people buy disposable knickers but they sound horrible to me!

Labour Massage Oil- this was part of my natural birth kit from Devon Road Babies (which you can read about here). This can be used in the last week or so of pregnancy and early labour to ease those niggly aches and pains.I’ve also popped in the Clary sage oil from the kit – never tried alternative pain relief before but willing to try anything!

Water Spray Bottle &  Peri Bottle – both from Devon Road. The water spray bottle will keep me cool during labour and the peri bottle is to help going to the loo afterwards a bit less uncomfortable!

Straws and Sweets – more treats from Devon Road! I’ve got to get a few snacks to pop in next time we go shopping, more for Graham than me as I’ve never been able to face food in labour! The sweets might be useful for a burst of energy and the straws make having a drink easier!

PJ’s – two pairs. I don’t want to stay in hospital longer than necessary but I think two pairs are enough to start with. Someone can bring more up if needed!

Flip Flops – I’ve never taken flip flops before, packing some slippers instead, but I always wanted something on my feet in the shower and these waterproof ones will be fine for that!

Going home outfit – a pair of leggings and loose tunic top for comfort

Toiletries – I’ve bought mini shampoo, conditioner & body wash. I’ve popped in a new toothbrush and toothpaste as well. I’ve also popped a couple of sample sachets of Lansiloh nipple cream in case of sore boobs!

Pads – lovely maternity pads. ‘Nuff said!

Also to go in the bag, but at the last minute is:
Dressing Gown
Make up
Mobile phone and charger
Some money!
Maternity notes

So that’s what is in my bag! I have done babies bag but that’s another blog post!

What are your must haves in your hospital bag?

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