Happy 1st Birthday Benjamin!

This is a week late because we have been incredibly busy!!!

It’s been a year since you made your speedy entrance into the world, giving us all a bit of a surprise.  I’m sure every parent says exactly the same thing on each of their child’s first birthdays, but this really has been one of the fastest years of my life. One minute you were a cuddly little newborn, and now you’re an almost-toddler. In fact, as I am typing this, you’re climbing up the sofa, trying to grab at the remote control for the TV and shouting ‘Dada’ and ‘Bambam’ at the top of your voice.  You didn’t have the easiest of starts – you were so, so poorly when you were three weeks old. You fought it so hard, and have come through it with absolutely no side effects whatsoever, amazing all of the doctors.



You look so much like Harrison did at this age, just chunkier. You have the most beautiful and biggest blue eyes I have ever seen. Everyone who meets you comments on your lovely eyes and eyelashes. When you were tiny, I used to call you ‘Bug eye Ben’ – you’re eyes were almost too big for your face. You seem to be growing into them now finally. You have chubby little cheeks with dimples when you give us one of your big smiles. Just like your brothers, you had almost no hair until the past couple of months. You’ve finally got a covering of dark blonde fuzz, with two little tufts at the back. I adore your chunky little thighs – proper little rugby player legs!


I’m cheating writing this paragraph a little bit, as I’m including things you’ve done in the week after your first birthday. You can now walk around furniture or with your push along walker at an amazing speed, and scoot across the floor on your bum. You’re now taking your first wobbly little steps – yesterday you managed about six steps before lunging at me. You are so incredibly proud of yourself, giggling and beaming when you walk. You love waving and pointing at everyone, and clapping is your new favourite thing to do.

You’re obsessed with trying to get my laptop, the phone or the TV remotes. Anything with a button you want. You will climb up the sofa, onto the chairs, onto toys, anything to get your sticky little fingers on them! When you’re not grabbing at those or trying to bash the TV, you’re playing with the cat. You and Bobby have an amazing bond – you’re the only person he seems to like!! As soon as you see him, your eyes light up and you scoot over to him to pat his head and gently tug his tail.


You love most food – you’re certainly not a fussy eater. Whatever you’re given, you generally eat. You still have bottles – you like ice cold cows milk now.  You’re also still very much attached to your dummy. One of our favourite games is ‘My Dummy’ – I take it out of your mouth and you take it back from me. It keeps you amused for ages!! Recently, you have developed a thing for rubbing material between your fingers or on your face. You love doing it with daddy’s t-shirts, and my scarf.


You’re not a bad sleeper. We’ve ended up going down the co sleeping route again as it just works so much better for all of us. You go up to bed about 7.30pm, and when you’re asleep, you are quite happy to stay in bed on your own. You usually only wake up  if you can’t find your dummy.

It’s been an amazing first year Benjamin button. You’ve made us laugh and you have made us cry. You drive us insane at times, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. I am so excited to watch you grow into a beautiful, happy, and most importantly, healthy little boy.

Lots of Love,

Mommy xxx


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