Golden State Partners Provide Financial Advice – Here’s A Brief Introduction To Tangible Assets & How They Can Make You Money!

When it comes to investments, most advice focuses on the stock market or other forms of investment where it can feel very overwhelming if you are not an experienced investor. You give your money to someone and can monitor how well it is doing, but at that moment in time, you have nothing to show for it. Being able to engage with your money and have it in your physical grasp makes most of us feel secure, especially in such an unstable economic climate. That is why, sometimes, you might want to consider investing in tangible assets. These can include property, jewellery and fine art. Investing in this form of asset is not as simple as traditional investments, such as stocks, but if you or your advisors manage your portfolio carefully and keep an eye on the market at all times, you can expect some good returns in the long run. Remember, a reputable financial company such as Golden State Partners are best placed to give you advice.

Here are some of the more popular choices that investors make.


For a long time, property has been one of the most popular and profitable investments. People all over the world make money from property, by buying land and selling it on to developers for a profit or renting it out. They can also be a superb asset if you are thinking about your retirement or for children’s financial future.


Some of the most popular collections used for investment purposes include art, stamps and rare coins, but there are plenty of others. It is essential that you do plenty of research beforehand to make sure that your collection is going to make you money. Another collection that can be profitable is toys but choose carefully with this one, as some do a lot better than others. It is always a good idea to have an interest in what you are collecting, but not so much so that you can’t let it go when it is time to sell!

Precious Metals

Again, these are something that has been used as investments for many years due to their inherent value. They include gold, silver, and platinum. Platinum can be quite a volatile investment, so most people tend to spend their money on either gold or silver in bullion form, which can be measured by weight, or fine jewellery. Coins also hold their value and are a collectable asset. Gold tends to keep its value even in periods of economic uncertainty and can be traded in quickly if the money is needed.

Knowing which form of tangible asset to go for wholly depends on you and how hands-on you want to be. They take more time and knowledge than traditional forms of investment, so if you don’t have the time, you may need to find a broker or an asset manager to keep an eye on it all for you. However, you may want to do it yourself, especially if you have a genuine interest in the asset. Building collections of antiques, wines, and art can be extremely satisfying and hobby like for many investors.

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