First week at school

Harrison has now been in full time school for a week….and absolutely LOVES it. As I guessed in my post last week about his first day, he has had no problems settling in, no tears and seems to be enjoying every moment.

It was really strange dropping him off in the morning and being in the main playground. The nursery is at the bottom of the school and has it’s own gate and playground, so it was only ever nursery kids and their parents. Now we are with everyone else and it’s really busy and noisy. It’s also really nice because it is a three form entry, so the kids are mixed up a bit, and there are new children and new people to chat to. One of the parents recognised me from a random chat in Tesco a few months ago, which was nice – their little boy is in Harrison’s class as well.


At nursery we used to go into the classroom to collect them, but in reception the parents line up and the children are sent out to us, one by one. Harrison looked so happy when he came out the first day and for once couldn’t wait to tell us about his day. One of the first questions I asked him was about dinner, as it was the only worry I had because he can be fussy at times. Luckily, on a Friday they have pizza and chips, which he was really pleased about. He was absolutely exhausted though. Within minutes of sitting down he was spark out for a good couple of hours.


Obviously this week has been his first full week and he has been running in with barely a glance back, He’s always been very cagey about what he has been up to during the day – apparently he has played with dinosaurs, played policemen outside with his best friend, Luke and painted some ladybirds, but that;s about all I’ve got out of him so far. He has been walking around singing ‘Knees Up Mother Brown’. so I’m hazarding a guess they’ve been singing that as well!

With his best friend, Luke
With his best friend, Luke

He’s been really tired on the evenings as I expected. Other than the first day, he hasn’t had a nap, but he has been a little bit challenging which I have put down to tiredness and a whole new routine. He had decided two nights before he started school that he was going to stop wearing pull ups at night and wear pants, so we have had to contend with that as well. Not the timing I would have chose for getting him dry at night, but he made that decision and has done brilliantly.


2 thoughts on “First week at school”

  1. Hi, He’s such a cutite pie. It really takes it out of them I’ve noticed Archie is so tired and he’s not been in full time yet. Also I find it hard to get much out of Archie but little bits come out during the evening and a couple of days later. xx

  2. What a precious time for you all. You must be relieved that he’s done well with moving on from pull ups and imagine all the mum friends that await you at this new stage. I’m sure Harrison will continue to enjoy school and have many more memories to share about it. #CommentLuv

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